What is the most interesting thing you have come across today?

I am a huge movie-buff and digging out casual info about cinema and celebrities is something I love to do in my leisure. Today, as soon as I hit my phone in a casual mood, and googled how Kamal Hasan’s latest release is doing at the box office, I clapped eyes on a very interesting fact, which will be easy for you to understand after checking out this image.

Now, you see right below the name Kamal Haasan, Indian Politician is mentioned. I don’t know but this fell on me as a sheer surprise. Many folks including me consider him (and will keep on doing the same) an actor first and then a politician because he launched his political party named Makkal Needhi Maiam in 2018, but I think Google differs the viewpoint.

However, one of the funny parts of the scenario can be

  • Google changed Kamal Haasan's status from Indian Actor to Indian Politician after his latest film Vishwaroop 2 fell flat at the box office.

  • Google is prompting Kamal to be a full-time politician and do a favor to the industry.

Updated on: 25-Jun-2020


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