What is the Mohu Airwave all about?

Airwave is an OTA (Over-The-Air) antenna. Unlike cable TV, this is a wireless antenna that offers you with all the stuff that a normal cable TV used to offer such as local news, daily soaps, prime-time shows, sports etc. with crystal clear HD quality. This is the first OTA antenna that works with the help of your Wi-fi network.

Mohu Airwave

Mohu is the maker of Mohu Sky, which has launched Mohu Airwave in the last year’s International Consumer Electronics Show. The Airwave is an OTA antenna which can be placed anywhere in the house and provides optimal signal reception that makes the OTA signal to stream over your house.

The devices connected to this network, can pick up the signal and can enjoy watching TV over the air, absolutely for free.

How Does It Work?

The Mohu Airwave works in a simple fashion.

  • Place the Airwave in a suitable spot in the home
  • Using the Mohu TV app, connect the device to your home Wi-fi
  • Watch all the live and streaming television for free

The television can now be watched on any favorite device of your choice. The Airwave is compatible with Amazon fire stick and TV, ios, Android, Apple TV 4th generation, Roku’s entire lineup from Express to Ultra, Chromecast and Modern web browsers.

The OTA antenna technology is expected to replace the traditional way of watching television, very soon with the flexibility it provides while being used with any kind of devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.