What Do People Dislike Most About Salesforce?

Salesforce is a great CRM, but it has its challenges. Salesforce's user interface is extremely complicated for many users, making it difficult to use and understand. Furthermore, the high cost of Salesforce might be too expensive for many firms, and the lack of customization can be unpleasant for users. Furthermore, Salesforce's lack of integration and customization tools might restrict its utility. As a result, many companies are considering switching to a different CRM program. An excellent CRM should have capabilities suitable for commercial use, such as email marketing and web host integration, which allow businesses to develop automated processes based on client data.

Salesforce is a great platform that helps organizations simplify, but individuals dislike a few things about it. One of the most common criticisms is that Salesforce is difficult to customize, making it tough to adjust the platform to the exact needs of a firm. Furthermore, Salesforce may be costly, and the fees can quickly pile up if businesses use additional products and services. Furthermore, Salesforce's learning curve can be steep, and some users may need more time or abilities to augment the platform. Moreover, Salesforce can sometimes be glitchy and unresponsive, making it difficult to access data and resources swiftly. Despite these drawbacks, Salesforce remains one of the most powerful CRM platforms available and is an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Common Complaints About Salesforce

The sophistication of Salesforce is one of the main criticisms. Although Salesforce has a lot of capabilities, folks who are not accustomed to a CRM environment may find its complexity to be daunting. As a result, users may need help navigating and utilizing Salesforce's functionalities. Salesforce may also be very pricey and demands a substantial initial commitment. Additionally, it can be challenging to configure Salesforce, and enterprises can discover that their modification efforts need to be revised.

Last but not least, Salesforce occasionally takes a while to reply to client questions and requests, which lowers overall satisfaction with the service. Due to these issues, many users are unsatisfied with Salesforce and need help using the platform. Three programmes comprise Salesforce, a desktop-only product line: Chatter, Service Cloud, and SalesForce.com development platform (a leaner version of Salesforce). Organizations may manage the appearance and feel of their application thanks to the platform's customization features, helping them to meet their goals better. 

This level of customization may be too daunting for people unfamiliar with Salesforce or who don't have access to a need-to-know basis in the business sector. Enabling the integration of custom fields, which enables users to build customizable fields that can be used in any Salesforce form, is a more practical choice. With this option, users can add or delete any field from records, list views, and view or update values for these custom fields on records or lists using standard Salesforce user interfaces. And for those new to Salesforce, this may be an inconvenient approach because of its complexity.

Benefits of Using Salesforce

Despite being a strong and essential tool for many organizations, Salesforce has flaws. Salesforce's potential for being challenging to understand and operate is among users' most often voiced criticisms. Many users need help grasping the functions' scope and how to utilize them effectively, even with significant training and experience. Additionally, Salesforce is a well-known pricey platform, which makes it challenging for smaller firms to use. Additionally, since Salesforce is a cloud-based system, companies that need to keep sensitive data on their servers may experience security concerns. To try and address these worries, Salesforce has created a self-service learning program called the Learning Hub (Trailblazer) aimed at users of all skill levels to alleviate these concerns. Users new to Salesforce or searching for more in-depth learning opportunities can access tools and material personalized particularly for them through the platform's Learning Hub. Additionally, it provides tools like lessons and recordings of professional webinars in the industry that may help with becoming accustomed to using the platform's features.

How to Optimize the User Experience with Salesforce

One of the most common complaints about Salesforce is the complexity of navigating the platform. Many users need help understanding the user interface and finding the needed features. Furthermore, the lack of customization can make it difficult for users to customize Salesforce to their needs. Additionally, the lack of a mobile app can be a major drawback for those who want to access Salesforce on the go. Finally, the cost of using Salesforce can be prohibitive for some users, depending on the size of their company and the features they need. These factors can lead to a less-than-ideal user experience with Salesforce. With a more simplified UI and built-in customer success tools, the SalesForce Mobile Platform, a mobile-first solution, attempts to solve these problems. The platform offers a comprehensive picture of the customer relationship, enables the construction and maintenance of account procedures, and classifies contacts according to their significance into several tiers. Additionally, users may create editable templates for client emails that can be delivered automatically from their phone and include contact points like social media campaigns or case updates. Users will find it simpler to keep an ongoing relationship with their clients and plug in new marketing activities quickly and simply with this platform.


Salesforce is a great platform, so learning it might take some time. Furthermore, Salesforce continually adds new capabilities, making it tough for consumers to keep up with the changes. Furthermore, Salesforce's customer care and technical support might need to be faster to reply, leaving consumers disappointed and out of luck when they most need assistance. Finally, Salesforce is a subscription-based service, which can be expensive for enterprises with a high level of customization or many users. These characteristics make Salesforce a wrong choice for many enterprises.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023


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