Why Do Companies Use Salesforce?


Businesses must employ a platform to assist them in effectively using their customer data in light of the expanding data generation. Salesforce is one such CRM platform. From Fortune 500 organizations to startups, Salesforce is used. You will learn about Salesforce and its advantages in this Salesforce tutorial.

Architecture Of Salesforce

  • First − Salesforce stores data from various tenants in a single database structure. Multiple tenants may share a single instance of a software server. A single shared application service is made available to several clients in a multi-tenant architecture. Consequently, it is cost-effective. In contrast, one client must cover all development and maintenance costs in a single-tenant situation. As a result, multi-tenant design is useful.

  • Second − Metadata powers the development model used by Salesforce. Programmers are now able to focus completely on developing the application. With this metadata-driven framework, customization and scaling up are straightforward.

  • Third − Salesforce provides a wide range of APIs. This helps with developing and customizing the Salesforce1 Mobile App. Every Salesforce design component has been considered and implemented.

What is the Process Used By Salesforce?

In addition to being a CRM platform, Salesforce provides a centralized platform for managing customer accounts, sales leads, activities, customer support cases, etc. Users can access Salesforce using a web browser, a mobile app, or a desktop application. Salesforce users can customize and create their special objects, fields, workflows, and reports and integrate them with other software programs. Salesforce also has marketing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

Relationship Between Salesforce And CRM

Businesses can track sales data and customer interactions thanks to Salesforce. It can manage leads, contacts, opportunities, and cases. Companies may utilize various tools from Salesforce to automate lead generation, lead scoring, and email marketing campaigns. CRM tools like Salesforce can help businesses improve customer service and sales procedures.

Reasons Why Companies Choose Salesforce

Ease of Use

Salesforce is more user-friendly than the websites you visit every day. You can collaborate with your co-workers, access your account from anywhere, and view and edit customer data whenever possible.

Simple to Customize

With just a few clicks, you can add modules, fields, sales processes, adjust workflows, and more with Salesforce Customization.

Using Cloud Services

In terms of versatility, Salesforce excels. It is transportable and always available. Its extensive and secure cloud infrastructure offers cloud solutions for sales, marketing, support, and analytics.

Truthful Reporting

Salesforce offers a comprehensive range of reporting options. These will help you focus on your business and save time and money. The reporting function in Salesforce supports customization, contract management, and real-time data and analytics.

Platform With Multiple Tenants

All Salesforce users make use of the same software instance and infrastructure. This allows all platform users to get updates simultaneously and automatically while ensuring data security. This suggests to get three seamless yearly upgrades and the greatest and newest features.

Integration Options

Almost any integration is possible thanks to the Salesforce platform's vast and well-documented open API. This can be used to map your company's procedures to Salesforce.

The AppExchange Ecosystem

You can access hundreds of dependable, secure, and certified applications and connectors produced by other users through Salesforce's AppExchange or develop and sell your own app. Using our Salesforce Glossary will help you learn more about it.

Mobile Customer Relationship Management

Salesforce was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of mobile CRM. Now that Salesforce is available on your phone, you can use it to its full potential while away from home.

Customer Success Platform

You can combine many important business operations with Salesforce to satisfy your customers. You may sell, provide services, market, collaborate, get to know your customers, and create apps on the same platform.

Multi-ethnic Neighbourhood

The Salesforce community is here to help and support you at all times. They also provide tailored services and allow companies access to a pool of competent developers.

Charitable Organizations

Salesforce is perfect for both businesses and non-profit organizations. With the Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud, Salesforce is giving back to society by enabling NGOs to optimize their operations at a substantially lower cost.


Since its introduction, Salesforce has helped numerous organizations grow and manage their customers more efficiently. You should immediately stop looking if you're looking for the best CRM for your business. Salesforce is committed to perfection with its top-notch features and marketing automation solutions, which will soon start paying off.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023


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