What Does a Salesforce Developer Do?

Salesforce is a brand in the field of Customer Relationship Management. No wonder why it is named the no. 1 CRM platform. It has a profound power to transform businesses with a strategic approach to sales, marketing, customer needs, and relationships.

The reputation of Salesforce precedes it. So, you can imagine the thrill of being on the platform. It has many roles and job positions to provide the best working experience to people. But, the role of a developer is most sought.

So, if you are also enthusiastic about being a Salesforce developer, your good times have already begun. Salesforce provides massive scope to developers for building various business solutions for its clients. If you look forward to implanting yourself in that position, here is all you need to know.

The Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer

A developer has many colors to show based on their position in an organization. So, what exactly does a Salesforce developer do? A Salesforce developer is all about building business-optimizing solutions through apps and software.

They use a combination of no-code and code tools. Coding requires developers to build web apps and customize standard applications. No-code tools help find solutions without coding.

You must understand the client's specific requirements. Then, build customized solutions profiting their business's CRM needs. So, as a Salesforce developer, you can expect the following.

  • Understand the customer needs and build tested software to cater to them.

  • Work through the definition, development, and deployment of Salesforce business solutions.

  • Adapt and adjust to the advancements in Salesforce business solutions. And upgrade the existing apps and programs of the clients.

  • Program for both the internet and in-house needs.

  • Work on small parts of the applications. Learn to blend their functionalities to form web app-changing businesses.

  • Collaborate with other programmers and Salesforce developers to develop models. Also, help with advanced business solutions associated with Salesforce.

Skills Required to be a Salesforce Developer

Now you know the responsibilities on the shoulders of a Salesforce developer. But to realize them, a developer needs command of various coding and non-coding skills.

A Salesforce developer employs Apex and Visualforce to develop web apps. JavaScript and Apex are the two programming tools you will use as a salesforce developer.

JavaScript helps developers work on front-end customizations and frameworks such as Lighting Component. But Apex deals with the back-end requirements of web apps.

But, Salesforce is on the verge of expansion. It is launching solutions supporting Python, Java, and JavaScript. You can also come across domain-specific query languages as a salesforce developer. 

Salesforce developers use Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) as an SQL tool to handle databases. It is used to search data and documents associated with the Salesforce platform.

Besides the coding skills, there are some non-coding requirements a salesforce developer must be apt at. It includes using no-code tools to deal with data security, wizards, User Interface customizations, etc.

You can make your way to Salesforce if you are a developer.

Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer Based on Position

Salesforce developers aim to build effective business solutions to meet the client's needs. But the duties keep upgrading as you move from entry-level to senior developers.

So, here we have listed the responsibilities of a Salesforce developer. These duties vary at different levels.

Entry-level Developer

As a beginner in the Salesforce developer position, you need to work on the following −

  • Write Apex triggers, such as Apex record validation and roll-ups.

  • Creating lighting pages based on the specific needs of the clients.

  • Work on Salesforce CLI and contribute to Admin overlaps.

  • Design and handle databases and develop an understanding of various relationships.

  • Work on Governor limits and understand the security concerns of the organization.

Mid-level Developer

The entry-level can use the Salesforce developers to get their hands on solution design. But the mid-level requires a little upgradation. It involves working independently as a developer with the least guidance from the seniors. The roles and responsibilities include −

  • Understand Salesforce integration patterns and the way they work with third-party systems.

  • Employ modulation, composition, and encapsulation while framing the codes for the web apps. It is to ensure the easy understanding and reusability of the code.

  • Work on advanced triggers, such as custom lead conversion process, and manage large datasets.

  • Implement advanced testing procedures and get command over DevOps. 

  • Use advanced security features in the code. 

Senior Developer

Senior developers reside at the Apex of the development team and mentor those below them. At this stage, a developer can split off and focus on two positions, lead developer or technical architect. Senior Salesforce developers work on the following aspects −

  • Fulfil the organization's requirements as a lead developer and a technical architect.

  • Work on full-fledged business solution designs of Salesforce and take ownership.

  • Guide other developers to improve their codes and make them reusable.

  • Dive into advanced testing methods and implement DevOps to cater to the pipeline needs.

Hence, these are the roles a Salesforce developer needs to fulfill at various levels of the organization.


Salesforce, the CRM leader, has a lot to offer about various job roles. Salesforce developer is among the most sought positions due to its ever-growing scope and demand. It forms the backbone of all effective business solutions Salesforce has to offer. So, if you are in the development zone and want to soar high to Salesforce, now you know what to do.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023


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