What are the related terms for Privacy in Information Security?

There are several terms for privacy which are as follows −

Access Control − It is the prevention of unauthorized access of information assets. It is the policy rules and deployment methods which control use to information systems, and physical access to premises.

Access − The ability or the resources essential to read, write, modify, or converse data or else use some system resource.

Authentication − The work of checking the identity of an individual, originator, terminal, or offices to find out that entity’s right to use specific elements of information and a measure intended to defend against fraudulent transmission by checking the authority of a transmission, message, station, or originator.

Authorization − Consent from an individual, or the personal representative supporting the Department of Human Services (Department) authorization to attain, release or use information concerning the individual from third parties for specific purposes or to disclose data to a third party precise by the individual.

Business Associate − An individual or thing implementing any movement or function on behalf of the department concerning the use or disclosure of secluded health information (PHI) and is not a member of the Department’s workforce.

Client − An individual who requests or acquire services from the Department.

Client Services − The condition of assistance, care, treatment, training or assistance to a client by DHS.

Confidentiality − The extent to which sensitive information, about both individuals and organizations, should be secluded. Information is not create obtainable or disclosed to unauthorized individuals, entities, or processes.

Confidential Information − Any client data that DHS can have in its records or files on any DHS client that should be protected.

Cookies − Cookies register information regarding a visit to a website for upcoming use by the server. A server can obtain information of cookies of other sites also, which make concern in view of breach of privacy.

Decrypting − It is the procedure of overturning the encryption of a file or message to enhance the original information so as to use or read it.

Encryption − The process by which information is provisionally rearranged into an unreadable or incomprehensible form for confidentiality, transmission, or some security reasons.

File Server − A computer system that provide a way of sharing and working on document accumulated on the system between users with use to these files over a network.

Individual − The person who is the subject of data composed, used, or disclosed by the Department.

Individually Identifying Information − Any single item or set of information or data that denotes or discloses the identity of an individual, either specifically (including the individual’s name or social security number), or from which the individual’s identity can sensibly be absolute.

Information − Personal information linking to an individual, a participant, or a Department client.

Information Owner/User − An (human) entity that creates use of computer systems and networks.