What are the reasons for using EAI?

There are various reasons for using EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) are as follows −

Mergers & Acquisitions − Mergers & Acquisitions to be successful needed overnight unification of dissimilar business processes of two or more organizations so that they can work as an individual corporation. EAI is the only solution, which will allow such a rapid integration.

E-business − E-business needed connecting of users, provisional and partners across the globe, to form an integrated value and supply chain over the web.

Industry Regulation & De-regulation − Opening up of business processes to share information and allow market access requires information to circulate openly and logically both externally and internally.

Business Process Automation − Business Process Automation requires new products and services to be integrated with already existent applications to improve efficiency, operating costs, and customer services across an organization.

Growth in Implementation of ERP Packages − ERP vendors are coming up with a product line complete with interfaces/ adapters to help the ERP solution to be integrated with multiple applications as they have fulfilled that ERP solutions to be effective must be integrated with the back end legacy applications.

Supply Chain Management & Customer Relationship Management − There is an act towards virtual enterprise connecting application systems from several organizations in the supply chain. Significant developments in peer-to-peer networking and distributed processing have created it applicable for businesses to merge better their functional branches and integrate with their partners and suppliers for better SCM & CRM.

Zero Latency Enterprise − Zero latency enterprise defines an organization that can transform its business rules in real-time to perform on new market opportunities and user demands. An enterprise software integration solution accelerates responses and supports business changes in the zero-latency enterprise.

Reduction of Business Process Life Cycle − In today’s competitive business environment the requirement to align business systems with business objectives is all the more a reality. Business processes develop continuously requiring new techniques and data, which in turn needed integration with the current ones.

These new applications should start operations quickly changing IT administration to shorter software lifecycles. This is created applicable because of EAI results, which support in merging several applications and also help in changing the business rules as needed in a minimum amount of time.

Intranet/Internet Explosion − The Intranet/Internet explosion is leading to a surge in the demand for a new class of human active software that needed integration with back-end legacy software. This feature is allowed by EAI solution which can mix the front end and back end applications.

Updated on: 23-Nov-2021


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