What could be the reasons for adopting contraceptive methods?

Advantages of adopting contraception methods such as condoms are:

(i) It prevents the fertilization of egg and sperm, thereby avoiding the chances of getting unwanted pregnancy.

(ii) Using barrier methods like condom protects the persons involved in a sexual relationship from sexually transmitted diseases.

(iii) To control an increase in population or birth rate.

(iv) To maintain a healthy and appropriate gap between the subsequent pregnancy thus helpful in family planning.

Contraception is an artificial method practiced to avoid pregnancy during sexual intercourse. Contraception method prevents pregnancy by:

     Restricting the production of eggs

     Restricting fertilization of egg with sperm

     Restricting fertilized egg to implant upon the uterus.

The different methods of contraception are as follows:
1. Natural method: It is the method of avoiding the chances of fertilization. 

2. Barrier method: For example, Condoms.

3. Oral contraceptives: Tablets are taken orally which have small doses of hormones.

4. Implants and surgical methods: It includes the use of contraceptive devices such as the loop or Copper-T.


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