What is EAI Solution?

The solution for EAI includes technology for providing both data level and business model level integration. Design patterns are used to recognize, classify and reuse interfaces to provide that the selected approaches of application-to-application communications are the best.

Effective EAI solutions lower the upfront costs of implementation and support open, seamless integration of business processes with any kind of technical framework. This also appears in a Zero Latency Enterprise.

Requirements for Effective EAI Solution

  • IT techniques are required to be mapped out according to the business techniques and the goals.

  • The whole understanding of the business processes data models and the providing systems and software currently in place.

  • It is used to compute the EAI tools and the vendors.

  • The responsibility and ownership have to be created.

  • It can compute the solutions and the scope of unification covered by the technology.

  • It can provide in systems management and administration.

EAI Software Flexibility

EAI software should be performed with five layers of technology for adaptability. There are several layers which are as follows −

Business Process Support − EAI solution set has tools, which allow the users to optically diagram the business processes to allow the users to declare rules for every message. This is beneficial to anticipate the business processes and through control different activities and ease the flow of data. Intelligent routing capability that can view a message and figure out the following course of action is needed in an EAI solution.

Transportation − Data can be routed point-to-point or with a structure known as publish/ subscribe, in which applications send messages to different applications that have registered interest with the message intermediary. The software sending data is the publisher and that receiving data is the subscriber. It is based on the network and platforms the application resides on this can be completed with middleware including database drivers, component object models, or messaging middleware.

Interfaces − It can be used to access applications is through the interfaces. Interfaces connect with the application either via definition they support to their platforms component model or by taking benefit of the program Application Programming Interface. Therefore the interfaces play an essential role in choosing an EAI tool as they must be such that no/minimum coding will be needed while integrating.

Transformation − As data, the format is not similar for all applications, tools are needed that allow users to visually map, equivalent one application data format with another application data format, and transform the data as needed.

Updated on: 23-Nov-2021


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