What are the positive and negative impacts of a working mother?

The standard of living has gone quite high these days and now both the parents are working to keep up with it. Women today are stepping out of their comfort zones and revolutionizing the traditional concepts and thought process. Today's women are working at commendable positions and manage their family life along with it. However, from the perspective of a child, there are both pros and cons of being a working mother.

Here are some of the positive impacts of a working mother :

A Role Model for the Child

A working mother teaches the values of independence, commitment, dedication to her child. She proves that it is possible to take up many tasks and manage them with a proper schedule. The dynamic nature of a mother automatically gets transferred to her child.

Contributes to Women Empowerment

Women are working in different sectors from education to medicine and from bureaucracy to entrepreneurship. These women are ambassadors of gender equality and a more inclusive world. Thus, working mother breaks the existing social systems and reform them with a more liberal and optimistic one.

Independence In Her Life

A mother who contributes to the income of the family also possess independence in day-to-day decision making and proves to the child that both the parents have equal respect and dignity. Such a woman raises a strong culture in the family and nurtures the child with proper values.

Now let us discuss some negative impacts of a working mother on her children.

The Child Is Often Ignored

This is the biggest disadvantage for the child who is blessed with a working mother. There are often cases when the child needs the protection of the parents and both of them are unavailable due to their busy work schedule. With nuclear families rising in number rapidly, the children suffer from negligence leading to depression cases.

Mother Suffers Stress and Health Issues

For a woman who juggles between both her family and her career, the stress levels are bound to be high which further leads to a lot of health issues in a woman including diabetes, blood pressure, migraine, vertigo, etc. There are situations when the child expects the mother to be healthy but she is not willing to participate due to her health issues.

Other Stakeholders

Young children are often kept at daycare centers when both the parents are at work. It is to be remembered that the child here gets the secondary love that is more commercial in nature. As the child grows up, the peer circle become more important for the children as they spend more time with them. Thus, the mother’s role as a full-time mentor and guide is curtailed to a great extent.