How can a working mother stay stressfree?

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Be it your daily emails or professional tours, the meetings with clients or the promotions you have to deal with, there are many doors for stress to get into. And it is like an egg-shell walk to balance the professional challenges with your emotional thrust. Being a mother, it is, even more, tougher to handle this daily-stress !!!

Of course, there are many mothers who are working and managing their stress levels in a good way. Being a working mother, I understood that some simple tips can make one stress-free.

Categorize your priorities

Always know what you have to do when. If you put yourself into a rat race of being always perfect, you can never have some peace. Give yourself a break from the haunting perfection or comments that might run. Categorize your priorities and decide yourself.

Make your choices

There are people around us who will never leave a chance to criticize or comment whatever you do. So, just leave them behind and go according to your plans. Make your own choices. Execute your plans one after one and be happy that you did.

Allot duties

Make your spouse involve in household activities and daily chores, though reluctant. Always make a note that women are not robots to do everything and anytime. No work is feminine or macho. Work is work, whether it is personal or professional.

Kid’s Work

Being a parent, your kid should feel comfortable with both of you. Otherwise, you are making him lose his fundamental parental love. Let his father feed your kid and let him put to sleep.

As well, keep a daily note of your kid’s activities and academics, interacting with your kid while doing your work. This leaves you with a sense of satisfaction that you are fulfilling your duties at the most. Don’t forget to have timely food, sleep and rest. Have some personal time at least during weekends. Be content with what you have.

Updated on 21-Apr-2022 07:33:16