What is the most Expensive Movie Theater in India?

Movies are the best getaway from all the hectic work and they are the best source of entertainment, especially in India. Over the last two decades, the number of movie theatres has rapidly increased as the viewership gradually increased.

Multiplex is a theatre concept in which they have multiple screens playing different movies simultaneously. As this is convenient for a lot of people, the multiplex has a lot of demand. Here are the few most expensive theatres in India:

PVR Director’s Cut, New Delhi

PVR is focused on delivering premium movie watching experience with this venture. It is located at Vasant Kunj. This luxury multiplex is accommodated with 4 screens having a capacity of 282 people. The whole auditorium can be booked for a personal viewing experience with friends and family.

The multiplex is loaded with a café, restaurant, a bar lounge and a bookshop. The bookshop is movie themed and you can find everything about movies over there.

Price range: INR 400-2400

INOX, Nariman Point, Mumbai

The multiplex located at Nariman Point is one of the finest theatres in India. The INOX has regular screens as any other multiplex. The factor which makes this remarkable is the “INSIGNIA” screen that is claimed to deliver a premium movie viewing experience with a splendid atmosphere around the theatre. The unique Décor along with great audio-video experience makes it outstanding.

Price range: INR 180-250 (Multiplex), INR 600-900(INSIGNIA)

PVR Gold cinemas, Koramangala, Bangalore

PVR Gold cinemas are the 3rd biggest multiplex of the country. The food court of the gold cinemas might be over-priced but in comparison to other multiplex food courts, this one comes with a personal server.

The super-sized recliners, blankets, and pillows along with a free snack and welcome drink complete the gold class experience.

Price range − INR 650-750

Updated on: 27-Jun-2020

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