What are the components of DBMS?

Hardware, Software, Data, Database Access Language, Procedures and Users all together form the components of a DBMS.

Let us discuss the components one by one clearly.


The hardware is the actual computer system used for keeping and accessing the database. The conventional DBMS hardware consists of secondary storage devices such as hard disks. Databases run on the range of machines from micro computers to mainframes.


Software is the actual DBMS between the physical database and the users of the system. All the requests from the user for accessing the database are handled by DBMS.


It is an important component of the database management system. The main task of DBMS is to process the data. Databases are used to store the data, retrieved, and updated to and from the databases.


There are a number of users who can access or retrieve the data on demand using the application and the interfaces provided by the DBMS.

The users of the database can be classified into different groups −

  • Native Users

  • Online Users

  • Sophisticated Users

  • Specialized Users

  • Application Users

  • DBA- Database Administrator

The components of DBMS are given below in pictorial form −