What are the advantages of Information Management Security?

There are various advantages of Information Management Security which are as follows −

MIS is a formal system for supporting management with precise and timely data necessary for decision-making. The system supports data on the past, present, and project future and on appropriate events within and external the organization.

It can be represented as a planned and integrated system for gathering relevant records, transforming them into the right data, and supplying the same to the concerned administration. The objective of MIS is to support the right data to the right person at the right time.

The advantage of a Security Information Management (SIM) product can be complex to justify. SIMs don’t support a direct security benefit in the method that antimalware products do. Users don’t communicate with them, such as the new SSL VPN concentrator.

Most IDSes have a subdivision of signatures that support track virus-infected or Trojan-controlled systems. It can use SIM alerts to directly send infected system data to the organization’s help desk, allowing more proactive methods to track and resolve these problems.

A SIM also gathers firewall data, which can also be beneficial. SIM understands who the top speaker and listeners are on the network, and can support identifying hot spots and hot protocols where several network engineering or bandwidth controls can be beneficial.

When setting up a SIM, carry the network engineering group on board by sharing documents and dashboards that target bandwidth usage. A SIM can be the system in the organization that can provide this approach of visibility into the network, regardless of security concerns.

Another possible bonus lies in the many generally unexamined logs from Windows and UNIX servers. It is not each SIM specializes in Windows, but some good ones are delighted to get Windows event logs, even if they need a conversion to the System log, log-forwarding standard utilizing a tool like Snare. While some system managers have produced their local techniques for watching logs, a SIM supports a place to set these logs, rules, and alerts in a single administration console.

It can decrease deployment time by removing the steps of installing and configuring local log watch tools and by cross-correlating activities from several systems. It can gain higher security visibility than by treating each log one system at a time.

Security Information Management is adequate for generating documents to provide the call for action and to produce them quickly. If the product appears with prepackaged documents that it can change to support the data specific to the organization and incident, then it is way ahead of the game. Prepackaged reports are significant time-savers when it appears to regulatory-compliance audits.

Updated on: 03-Mar-2022


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