What is Management Information System in information security?

A management information system is a refined direction of available sources of information that allows managers to tie planning and control processes to operational systems of implementation.

A management information system (MIS) is a generally used and used term for a three-resource system needed for efficient organization management. The resources are people, information, and technology, from within and external an organization, with the highest priority provided to people.

The system is a set of information management techniques containing computer automation (software and hardware) or otherwise providing and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of business services and human decision-making.

An MIS can be used to enhance the value and profits of a business by supporting managers with the relevant and appropriate data required to make essential decisions rapidly. When executed properly, an MIS supports achieving a high level of effectiveness in a company’s management operations.

Management Information Systems are beneficial tools for the goals of reviewing and controlling a company’s services. The objective of these systems is to organize some data collected from each level of the company, compile it, and present it in a method that supports and enhances the quality of the decisions being made to enhance the company’s profitability and productivity.

The Management Information System is the means for linking the managers with operating systems by transfer of information. In Management Information System, it can support data for decision making on planning, organising, and controlling the major events of the organization, and establishing action to do synergistic benefits.

The main goals of the Management Information System are simplifying the decision-making, planning, and control procedure, objective achievement assessment of different units and individuals, the economic and effective production of documents, and serving as means for providing direction and action to managers communication. Management Information System must be meant for giving and not producing information for managers. It is expected to support processed data to the decision-makers.

The output of the Management Information System is frequently in the form of information documents. Such processed data is also diffuse to members of the organization, the public, and outside stakeholders such as users, distributors, competitors, suppliers, labor unions, stock and bondholders, monetary institutions, Trade corporations, governments, specific interest groups at the huge and regulating company.

A management information system must not only denote the status of a business’s conditions but also denote why the conditions are enhancing or deteriorating. For instance, an MIS must report performance associated with cost and profitable or unprofitable projects, while recognizing individual accountability both current and past.

Updated on: 03-Mar-2022


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