What are the disadvantages of Information Management Security?

Security Information Management (SIM) products are also defined as Security Information and Event Management or Security Event Management. It can automate the manual procedure of collecting security-specific event-log data from file systems, security appliances, and multiple network devices.

Security Information Management (SIM) is a heterogeneous product, and therefore SIM rollouts contain complex technical integration and political negotiations. The structure of the SIM tool doesn’t imply creating a lot of difference either.

Even if a solution doesn’t need an installed agent to get data from a system, it still generally needed a configuration change or privileged account to receive the data it needs and system owners are not likely to let that appear without good reason.

There are various disadvantages of Information Management Security which are as follows −

Lack of job security − It can be implementing the information systems can store a high deal of time during the completion of functions and some labor mechanic operates. Some paperwork can be processed directly, financial transactions are automatically computed, etc. As technology enhances, tasks that were implemented by human employees are carried out by computer systems.

For instance, automated telephone answering systems have restored live receptionists in some organizations or online and personal assistants can be a good example also. Industry professionals understand that the internet has created job security a major issue because technology maintains on changing with each day. This defines that one has to be in a fixed learning mode if it is required for their job to be secure.

Security issues − Thieves and hackers get access to integrity and corporate saboteurs target sensitive organization data. Such data can contain vendor data, bank documents, intellectual property, and personal records on company administration.

The hackers distribute the data over the web, sell it to a rival organization or use it to damage the company’s picture. For instance, some retail chains were targeted currently by hackers who stole user data from their information systems and distributed Social Security numbers and credit card information over the Internet.

Implementation expenses − It can be used to integrate the information system it needed a pretty good amount of value in the case of software, hardware, and person. Software, hardware, and multiple services must be rented, bought, and supported. Employees are required to be trained with unfamiliar data technology and software.

Information systems contribute to the effective running of organizations. Information systems are displaying exponential advancement in each decade. Today’s information technology has enhanced the quality of life. Modern medicine has enhanced the most with superior information systems using the current information technology.