What are some widely used intelligence apps?

Regarding technologies constantly getting updated, the time has already come for something more powerful to update smartphone applications. So, what it is? Let’s welcome “intelligent apps”. Let’s go through some of the most efficient and successful intelligent apps of the present scenario.


MindSphere continuously collects analyzed data from the machine parts regarding their performance and efficiency. This tool is most helpful in preventing possible forthcoming machine part failures as well as for improving the lifespan of the tools. Companies using MindSphere get the box which they have to connect to their machines and parts. Once connected to the machine parts, these tools can rapidly collect a huge volume of data for further analysis and doing so, weak spots on the machine, if present, can be detected effortlessly.


DOMO is business management software (BMS) developed using Artificial Intelligence as well as machine learning technology. It has a dashboard on the frontend that collects data from different means and analyzing those data it provides excellent business insights to organizations. It has more than 400 connectors which collect data from different third-party applications before doing the full analysis. For example, the app can collect data regarding product performance to overall sales rate in order to generate a final performance report for further evaluation.


Do you remember JARVIS from the Iron Man movie? For the time being, it doesn’t look we will be having a fully functional JARVIS in near coming future, but still, the revolution has already started and Alexa is just the beginning. It is a personal assistant that responds to voice commands and can provide you with valuable pieces of information based on your questions by gathering data from different third-party platforms. It can also tell you about the weather reports, Play music, email and even order food for you.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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