What are some interesting facts about World War 1 that aren't widely known?

World War I took place from 1914 to 1918 and huge mass destruction followed the occurrence of the war. Here are some less known facts about World War 1:

  • In World War I, a fake Paris was built to fool the German pilots.

  • There were special battalions for short heightened soldiers.

  • Many young soldiers participated, the youngest one being only 8 years old.

  • Earlier to this war, females were restricted to home and house chores, but later even they fought in huge numbers, so much so that their skin got yellow due to chemicals as if they had jaundice.

  • There were gender roles assigned even to the weapons. The women who worked in munitions factories were nicknamed "canaries".

  • Due to food shortages, Britons were banned from throwing rice at weddings and feeding pigeons.

  • Hitler used to be with the full moustache which was later trimmed down to the size of a toothbrush because he had to wear a gas mask.

  • World War I ended at 11 a.m. in the morning, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year 1918.

  • Canadians solely remained safe from this chemical attack as they used urinated handkerchiefs as a defense and placed them in their mouth.

  • The Russians first solved the problem of trench warfare in the war.

  • Chinese Labour Corps were paid a pittance and were regarded as coolies both by the British and French.

  • Even though The Americans were devoid of citizenship until 1924, nearly 13000 Native Americans fought in the war.

  • During the war, there was a shortage of steel and more ships were had to be built. So, in lieu of steel ships, concrete ships were built.

  • One of the war soldier's room has not been opened since 1918.

  • Dogs were used as messengers in the war.

Hence this war, which is still remembered with dread, has so many facts which are hard to believe even today.