Name some devices in which electric motors are used.

Electric motor:

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. When a conductor coil is placed in a magnetic field and a current is passed through the conductor coil then the coil starts rotating.

Usage of electric motors in our daily life:

In our modern life, the electric motor plays an important role.  Some devices in which electric motors are used are listed below:

 1. Fans 2. Grinders  3. Washing machines 4. Vacuum cleaners             5. Dishwashers 6. Computer printers 7. Fax machines 8. Video cassette recorders 9. Machine tools 10. Printing presses 11. Automobiles  12. Subway systems  13. Sewage treatment plants    14. Water pumping stations, etc.

Listed above are all devices and many other devices in which an electric motor is used. When power is supplied to these devices, the electric motor inside them starts rotating and we are able to do our desired work from these devices. These devices may not work if the electric motor is removed from all these devices or the motor inside these devices does not rotate. This shows the importance of electric motors in our modern life.


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