What are network troubleshooting tools?

The network troubleshooting tools are classified into two types −

Hardware tools

The hardware tools included in the network troubleshooting are explained below −

Cable tester

It is also known as a media tester. It is used to test whether the cable works properly or not. The cable testers will confirm whether a cable works correctly and if there is a problem with the cable. Tools which are used for testing of the cable can be classified as a cable tester.

Protocol analyser

This tool is used to analyse the network protocols like UDP, TCP, and FTP etc. This acts as a software as well as hardware-based tool. This tool is also used to identify malicious networks traffic.


It is used to check shorts in the coaxial cable; it can measure current, resistance and voltage. The new version of multi meter also allows measuring the temperature.

Software tools

The software tools included in the network troubleshooting are explained below −


The ping is a famous tool which is used to perform connectivity tests between the requesting host and the destination host. The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) protocol is used to perform this. If the requesting host receives a response from the destination host the host is reachable otherwise it is not reachable.


This is simple software that can be installed in devices or some add-ons in the browsers. This tool allows the user to check the bandwidth available.

Net sat

Net sat means network statistics It is used for finding problems in the network and also it can determine the traffic on the network.

Hardware tools VS Software tools

While we compare both it depends on the use of the tool and for some use software tool is less costly and for some use hardware tool is less costly.

For example, to check the bandwidth online tools which are less costly are used instead of hardware tools and for checking connection in some cases hardware tools are good.

Trouble shooting consists of 3 steps

Different approaches to network troubleshooting are −

  • Bottom-up
  • Top-down
  • Divide and conquer

Now let us see some of the readily available troubleshooting tools in networking if problem occurs −

For internet related problem − Check the connectivity with the default gateway. Check if the DNS server is configured on the PC. Check if the appropriate port number is active using nmap on the DNS server.

For troubleshoot Ftp server related problems − Test basic connectivity with ping, check with nmap if the ports are open (20and 21)check if a firewall is restricting traffic to the server.

For DNS problem − Ping the DNS server and check the response. Check with the Wireshark if DNS request and response packets are being sent and receive

Managing troubleshooting security for network system

There are six ways to manage troubleshooting security for a networked system are −

  • Use Encrypted Wireless Network Points
  • Track Users and Devices
  • Keep Strong Passwords
  • Maintain an Inventory
  • Perform Security Testing
  • Avoid Using Unknown Software

Updated on: 16-Sep-2021

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