Top 10 Social Network Analysis Tools To Consider

Social Network analysis provides a theory to explain the structures resulting from social network interaction, which is a method used to analyze social relationships. The process of modeling and analyzing social systems with the network theory application is known as social network analysis. The social network analysis tool gives a significant advantage when researching a community and also using these techniques the ability to observe both the individual and their connectivity in one location is achieved.

Top 10 tools for social network analysis

1. Graphviz

  • It is a visualization software used on graphs and is available as an open source.

  • We can define nodes and edges and then graphviz creates a picture from the given data which is easier to look at and explainable as to how certain things interact and the relationships between them.

  • We can create a directed or undirected graph.

  • The graphiz data file generated as output has an extension .gv

  • It has options for colors, fonts, line styles, custom shapes, etc.

2. Egonet

  • It is a program used for the analysis of egocentric social network data.

  • The results produced by this program can further be used for analysis by other software.

  • It generates a questionnaire and provides a global network measure and data matrix.

  • Several small personal networks can also be combined to generate a single complete network using this program.

3. Sprout Social

  • The main highlight of this platform is cross-channel social network analysis.

  • Tracking Facebook pages, checking Instagram growth, and content assessment on Pinterest, all can be done from the same place.

  • It produces presentation-ready reports which are organized and easy to understand.

  • It gives social insights which give data related to audience locations, industry leaders, and consumer sentiments.

  • It provides solutions for all types of businesses such as enterprises, small businesses, and agencies.

4. Hubspot

  • It is an all-in-one inbound marketing software that gives insights into the entire customer journey and also on social − media metrics.

  • It works best for marketing as we can compare which marketing tactic is working best for which platform or society.

  • It helps in understanding customer problems, guiding them to solutions, and turning them into promoters which helps in the growth of the company.

5. Graph-tool

  • It is a python module used for the manipulation of graphs and also for statistical analysis.

  • The performance level is better both in memory and time complexities.

  • The features include filtering of graph properties like vertices and edges.

  • The statistical analysis includes the detection of modules and communities on randomly generated graphs with variable degrees and correlations.

  • It uses a variety of algorithms that produces interactive drawings.

  • It has full documentation helping first-time users.

6. Cuttlefish

  • It uses best layout algorithms that visualize data for workbench applications.

  • It can work with multiple input and output formats.

  • Provides animated graphs that show dynamic changes, which is easy to visualize as the network goes through growth or any modulation.

  • Works great for temporal networks.

7. Centrifuge

  • Provides data exploration and visualization without any extensive data handling.

  • Provides a suite of capabilities that help network analysts understand the growth and need of the market and gain insight on any data source so that visualization of new marketing tactics becomes easier.

8. NodeXL

  • It is a visualization package used for social network that comes free and is used for Microsoft Excel.

  • Uses C# as its programming language, which is designed for people with little or no coding knowledge.

  • The representation thus formed helps the users to manipulate the input excel sheet by applying excel formulas to generate more defined properties of the graph.

9. TapInfluence

  • Specifically created for social network influencer campaigns.

  • Measures the performance of campaigns and helps to understand the reach and extent of each of them with the help of engagement reach, potential price, and much more.

  • Mainly used for social media marketing situations that give a graphical understanding of the working process of each campaign.

10. Gephi

  • It is written in java and works in the net beans environment.

  • It is an interactive 3D visualization tool for the graphical analysis of network data.

  • Uses numerous styling properties to help the user understand the graph.

  • Helps in exploring the graph which can be of any complex, dynamic, and hierarchical system.


This article explained the top 10 social network analysis tools. It is an effective way to describe social systems, it gives us tools to quantify the isolated data points and generate connections, often so that we may identify patterns that link as a whole, visually to connect to society or a group.

Updated on: 13-Apr-2023


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