What are the tools of Steganography?

Steganography tools are used to hide document within several forms of data. These are the tools needed to implement steganography. It can operate with steganography in sound and images with the benefit of S-Tools.

By using S-Tools, it can hide several files in one object. The files are first individually compressed and saved with their names. Thus, S-Tools can precede the stored data with some random garbage, so as to create decryption tough.

After this, the sender select a “passphrase”, which is the key to the decryption. According to the passphrase, the entire lot is encrypted. All encryption operate in what is known as ‘Cipher Feedback Mode (CFB)’.

S-Tools are generally used in digital information, such as scanned image, or sampled sound. Thus, digitally sampled sound has the benefit of not requiring to be perfectly accurate. By using this property, it can hide data in such a method that the change is inaudible to the human ear.

There are some tools of steganography which are as follows −

Steganos II Security Suite − Steganos has been absolutely rewritten and is a suite of Win 95/98/NT applications designed to maintain data safe. Steganos II need strong encryption and steganographic techniques to hide information in graphic, sound, text, and HTML files.

It involves new features such as 'InKA' (Invisible Key Agreement) an implementation of public key steganography, disk encryption, advanced password administration tools, a "Zero-Emission-Pad" text editor to combat tempest attacks, a data shredder, and the "SysLock" function that efficiently locks access to the PC when it can away.

S-Mail − S-Mail is a program that runs under all versions of Windows and DOS that need strong encryption and compression to hide document in EXE and DLL document. It takes measures to provide that pattern or ID string scanners do not identfy its hiding scheme.

Stealth − Stealth is a simple filter for PGP, which strips off all recognizing header data to leave only the encrypted information in a format suitable for steganographic use.

That is, the data can be hidden in images, audio files, text files, CAD files, and some other file type that can include random information, and then sent to another person who can retrieve the information from the file, connect headers, and PGP decrypt it.

Invisible Secrets Pro − Invisible Secrets Pro encrypts and hides documents in JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML and WAV. It also offers strong encryption (such as Blowfish, Twofish, RC4, Cast128, and GOST), a shredder, and a password manager and generator.

S-Tools in sound − Sound samples in Windows WAV document can be either 8 bits (range 0-255) or 16 bits (range 0- 65535). S-Tools distribute the bit design of the coded message document across the Least Significant Bits of the sample.

Updated on: 11-Mar-2022

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