What are the most used network troubleshooting tools?

The network troubleshooting tools are useful for every network administrator. These tools can be used to troubleshoot different network conditions.

The network troubleshooting tools which are most used are as follows −


The route utility is helpful to display the status of the routing table on host. The route utility is limited at the situations where the host has one ip address with one gateway. The route plays a key role at multiple IP addresses and multiple gateways.

pathping / mtr

The pathping and meter utilities take the information obtained from tools and provide a more detailed picture of the characteristic path from particular host to particular destination.


The speed test.net site is used to provide the ability to determine the amount of bandwidth available to host at a certain point of time. The ping.net site is used to measure the quality of connection with the ping response time for a short period of time.

subnet and ip calculator

subnet and ip calculator is used to insure a particular ip address selection and with this a particular ip address configuration.


The ping provides a connectivity test between the requesting and destination host. This command is used to provide a basic picture where networking problems exist.


This is used to determine the information of a specific path to the destination host including the route, the packet takes and time response of the intermediate hosts.


The most important thing that must be finished when troubleshooting a network issue is to find out the particular IP configuration of the affected host.


It is used to determine the specific ip address that is associated with a particular domain name.


This is used to find out the current state of active network connections on a host.

Putty /Tera Term

The Putty term and Tera term are used to connect a host via ssH. These tools are easily available and influence the time to complete the job. The tools are useful to find and fix problems that directly affect the cost and system relays on the network. These tools are useful to find and fix problems within a short period of time.

Updated on: 15-Sep-2021


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