Web Analytics - Terminology

We have listed here a set of terms that one should be familiar with while performing web analytics −

  • Benchmarking − A service that gives a view of how your website is performing in contrast to others.

  • Bounce Rate − Number of times a user quits without exploring your webpages.

  • Click − An action of clicking on your webpages.

  • Conversion − Conversion takes place when a goal is completed, e.g., purchase, registration, downloads, etc.

  • Direct Traffic − Traffic coming directly on your website by clicking on your website’s link or typing the URL of your website in the address bar.

  • Filter − A guideline that exclude/include specific data from reports.

  • Funnels − Steps visitors take to finally complete a goal.

  • Goal − A metric that defines the success rate, e.g., sale or sign-up.

  • Goal Conversion Rate − Percentage of visits on every goal achieved.

  • Impression − The display of your website on the Internet.

  • Keywords − Search queries that visitors use to find your website.

  • Landing Page − The first page from where a visitor enters your website.

  • New Visitor − The visitor who is coming to your website for the first time.

  • Organic Traffic − Traffic for which you need not pay. It comes naturally, e.g., traffic from search engines.

  • Paid Traffic − Traffic for which you need to pay, e.g., Google AdWords.

  • Page View − Number of times a page is viewed.

  • Returning Visitor − The visitors who have already visited your page earlier. Returning visitors are an asset for any website.

  • Time on Site − The average time a visitor spends accessing your site in a time.

  • Tracking Code − A small snippet of code inserted into the body of HTML page. This code captures the information about visits to a page.

  • Traffic − Flow of visitors to your website.

  • Traffic Sources − The source from where traffic originates.

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