Web Analytics - Actionable Reporting

Actionable reporting is the final part of the analytics analysis. When you are done with collecting data, the next step is actionable reporting. Graphics of the data helps to write actionable points. Always try to build graphs that show data trends because visuals depict more information than plain text.

How to Prepare Actionable Report?

Let’s assume we have the following data available for an ecommerce company −

Country USA UK Canada Australia China India
Product sale 200 100 135 120 160 155

Budget Spent

Country USA UK Canada Australia China India
Budget Spent in $ 10K 9K 8K 9k 8K 5K

Actionable Points

  • Highest revenue generating country is USA, increase the budget for the USA.

  • India has high potential. If we double the budget, then we can make good revenue (from India).

  • China is doing well. We can increase the budget for China too.

  • UK is not up to the mark, so stop spending money there or find new techniques to improve sales.

  • Canada and Australia need improvement. Try for the next segment. If you find the same data in the next segment, then stop spending money there too.

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