Web Analytics - Conversion

Conversion is when a user visits your page and performs an action, for example, purchase, sign-up, download, etc.


Goals are used in analytics for tracking completions of specific actions. With the help of goals, you can measure the rate of success. Goals are measured differently in different industries. For example, in an e-commerce website you can measure the goal when a product gets sold. In a software company, you can measure the goal when a software product is sold. In a marketing company, goals are measured when a contact form is filled.

Types of Goals

Goals can be divided into the following categories −

  • Destination Goal − Destination goal is used to find pageviews of a website. Put a destination URL in the destination field to complete your goal.

  • Duration Goal − You can measure the user engagement with the help of duration goal. You can specify hours, minutes, and second field to quantify the goals. If a user spends more than that much of time on the page, then the goal is completed.

  • Event Goals − You can measure user interaction with your event on the site. It is called as event goals. You must have at least one event to compose this goal.

  • Pages/session Goal − You can measure the user engagement with pages/session goal. First, you have to specify how many pageviews/session counts as goal complete. Then, with the help of goal metric, you can analyze how many goals are completed.

Types of Goals


Funnels are the steps to complete your goals. With the help of funnels, you can review your goals completion steps. Let’s suppose for an ecommerce company, product sale is goal completion. So, funnels are the steps to purchase that product. If most of the visitors leave the website after carting the products, then you have to check why users are leaving. Is there any problem with the cart section? This can help you improve your product performance or steps to sale the products.

Multi-Channel Funnels

Multi-Channel Funnel (MCF) report shows how your marketing channels work together. MCF report shows that how many conversions are done and by which channel. In MCF report, you can find the following data −

  • Assisted Conversion − In assisted conversion, you can find which channel has assisted the highest number of conversions.

  • Top Conversion Path − Top conversion path report shows the following picture.

MCF Channel

In the above picture, you can see that Organic search > > Direct has 11 conversions. It means the user first interacts with your product via organic search. Later on, he/she comes to the website direct and makes a purchase. So, with the help of this report, you can easily analyze your top conversion path to improve your funnels.

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