Web Analytics - KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is a powerful web analytics tool that delivers key insights and user interaction on your website. It defines a clear picture of users’ activities on your website and collects acquisition data of every visitor.

You can use this service free for a month. After that, you can switch on to a paid plan that suits you. KISSmetrics helps in improving sales by knowing cart-abandoned products. It helps you to know exactly when to follow up your customers by tracking the repeat buyers activity slot.

KISSmetrics helps you identify the following −

  • Cart size
  • Landing page conversion rate
  • Customer activity on your portal
  • Customer bounce points
  • Cart abandoned products
  • Customer occurrence before making a purchase
  • Customer lifetime value, etc.

Summarizing KISSmetrics

  • It gets you more customers by not letting you lose potential customers and maintaining brand loyalty.

  • It lets you to judge your decisions where you are playing right.

  • It helps you identify data and trends, which contribute in customer acquisition.

Best Features of KISSmetrics

  • Ability to track effective marketing channels.
  • Figure out how much time a user takes to convert.
  • Determine a degree of which user was engaged with your site.
  • A convenient dashboard. You do not need to run around searching for figures.


Just sign-up for an account and customize accordingly.


Add a java snippet under <head> tag of the source code of your website.

Event Setting

By default, KISSmetrics sets two events for you − visited site and search engine hit. To add more events, click on new event, add an attribute and record an event name.

Setting up Metrics

Click on create a new metric. Select your metric type from the list. Give metric name, description, and event. Save metric.

Define Conversions

Define your conversion and track them. Select number of times event happened. Give metric name and description and select event. Save metric again.

KISSmetrics can track web pages, mobile apps, mobile web, facebook apps, and can blend all data into one. You don’t need the multiple analytics platforms.

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