Challenges in Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices are something we keep so much private information in. It keeps our data such as personal pictures of family, and friends, special events, important documents, audio and videos, and certain other confidential files which are necessary for our life.

Keeping all this information secure and private is very important and it is a challenging task to secure it. But as we know security always starts with us, we people have to be careful while sharing our data outside the world, even on social media. It can affect mental and physical health. So to keep it secure and safe, mobile devices need to be protected, carefully used, and securely shared.

Let’s know what are the challenges that can be faced by Mobile devices.

Challenge in Mobile Devices

Application based Challenges

  • We download so many apps on our phones for different purposes and most of them ask for our details like sign-up, phone no, email, address, etc. Sometimes these apps don’t need them for anything specific but for commercial purposes, they take them which is wrong.

  • Kids nowadays play games both offline and online and some games want money to play them for an upgrade, next level, update, or any other “sword or weapon” to use, this is what they don’t know about and end up paying them an amount of waste. This leads to financial loss.

  • Many apps are there which use third-party policies and keep our data for a long then they say due to security purposes they are using our system data and then these malicious apps do cybercrime.

Web-based challenges

  • The most common web-based scam is phishing. Appearing to be genuine then getting authorized access to data and information. These happen through websites we use on our mobile devices.

  • Malware downloads, that sometimes we need a file to be downloaded or any media like audio or video, we visit any unsecured site to download it, but what happens is it downloads a file but a corrupt one which may either not work or transfer a bug into our mobile.

  • Sometimes social sites appearing to be genuine make these scams and steal a lot of information.

Network-based Challenges

  • Data can be encrypted to an unknown source.

  • Data didn’t reach the destinations and change in its transmission pathway.

  • Cross-platform attacks can happen that involve multiple platforms in their attack pattern.

  • Wifi sniffers are analyzers that are designed to work on wireless networks and intercept a wide range of data packets as they pass.

Physical Threat

  • Suppose a man is sitting somewhere and he forgets to take his phone with him, anyone can take any information and steal some private details which can lead to a threat.

  • Even devices can be sold to the secondary market after the information is stolen.

  • Working in the professional sector, we are using our phones and leaving them open while having some details to share with other colleagues. It's also one challenge as it can be used for unfair means, though there is trust the priority to secure details belongs to us.

How to keep Mobile Safe?

We have gone through the challenges faced, let's now look at how we can keep it safe.

  • Always put a password on your important and confidential apps such as banking, online payments apps, gallery, and official apps downloaded on mobiles.

  • Keep your social media accounts password protected and delete all cache after use.

  • Don’t leave login to websites or applications that are not frequently used or don't include protected URLs.

  • Don’t try to visit any third-party websites and if doing so, make sure to log out.

  • Always keep your passwords and information updated and synchronized to the system.

  • Downloads apps and games from a trusted source. Also media content and videos.

  • Keep a backup of your data very often to keep your phone safe.

  • Always keep your system applications updated.

  • Turn off the Wifi and Bluetooth and frequently change the password to keep your wifi secure.

  • Try not to share too much information on social media and makes the best of the application for good purpose

  • Use popular and trusted sites for working purposes such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Apple, etc. They are trusted companies and on a wide level, their data security is better than others. Their services are also better as compared to others.

  • Keep your emails junk free and away from phishing by not clicking any ads or junk claiming to give you money or a bigger amount of vouchers.

  • Don’t fall under the trap of Attackers and frauds asking for money in different ways.

  • Lastly, try to keep your phone and its information reach up to yourself and the people you trust. Don’t give any information by word of mouth about your phone to anyone.


In this article, we have discussed what are the challenges faced by our mobile devices and how we can keep our data safe and away from malware. We must keep the information safe related to phone, email, address, account details, etc. Protecting our phones from harm is a challenge as we use our phones every day. So to make the best out of it, it's better to be productive along with security.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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