How to Boost Your Digital Campaign with Email Marketing

Getting customer’s attention on your products or services is not a one-day affair. It is an ongoing process of building a relationship by keeping them engaged year after years. But, that is not an easy job, winning your customer’s loyalty requires solid digital campaigning strategies with various modes of engagement.

There are several means of customer engagement that you can avail. You may have advertised your products on various blogs and websites, actively doing social media marketing, optimizing your site to appear on top pages of search engines and much more. But, if you are not aware of email marketing then you are missing a great thing that has the potential to drive your business to a new height with effective customer engagement.

Email marketing is another powerful ornament in your digital campaign kit which can multiply the growth of your business. After all, it is important to have more loyal customers to sustain in this highly competitive business world, isn’t it?.

So, before we dive deep into the know-how of email marketing and its benefits, let’s set the goals first. It is important to define the goals before adopting a new strategy.

Set the Goals

So, what are the goals you want to achieve in your business by effectively using email marketing? And can that be possible when you include email marketing in your digital campaign? Let’s see some of the common goals that every business establishment desire to accomplish.

  • To increase awareness of your products and services among your customers.

  • To build relationships with your existing and new customers.

  • To increase your customer base and sales figure.

  • inform your customer quickly whenever a new product or services you have launched without breaking the bank.

  • To send offers and coupons to increase sales.

And, there are some more to add to the list. OK, No problem, email marketing can be the answer to all such concerns. It is a great addition to your digital campaign to fulfill all such needs that help to raise the growth of your business.

As, we are talking about email marketing, so the obvious question comes to your mind that – “How will you get those email Ids of the customers?” Yes! Let’s check out the possible ways to collect customer emails ids.

How to Get Customer’s Email ID

Let us assume that you owned a garment store. You have a variety of designer clothes for almost all genre from kids to grandparents including both the genders.

Recently, you have decided to include email marketing in your digital campaign. But, the big hurdles you are seeing that how to get the email ids of your customers. Let’s see the possible ways to overcome this challenge.

Whenever customers physically visit your stores for a normal inquiry or to purchase some products, ask them for their email ids. Tell them that you will inform them about the arrival of new products as well as the various discount coupons and offers time to time.

  • If you have an online e-commerce site then create a form where you can ask your customer to submit their email ids and other details by clearly mentioning that you will contact them for offers and to provide other information.

  • You can also run online and offline campaigns to collect emails from people other than your existing customers. Let’s say you promise 5% discount to the people who submits their email ids for promotional use.

Caution − It is necessary to take the consent of the people before using their email ids for sending promotional messages. There are laws that protect people privacy. So, check your country’s laws before doing such activities.

So, once you have collected the email ids, the next step is to work on your email marketing plan.

Plan Your Email Marketing Strategies

Like every new venture, email marketing also needs a proper plan. So, before sending the emails to your contact lists you need to strategize your move. You should not just send any promotional email or bombard their inboxes with the same emails continuously. They may block your email ids forever. Let’s check out the plan.

  • Start with a friendly introduction with information about your business and the products or services you are offering.

  • Ask few questions on the survey form to know about your customer, like their age groups, interests etc which can be used to send them specific emails matching with their interest level.

  • Not just advertise your products or services, instead, write some useful contents related to your products which keep them engaging. And they will look forward more such emails from you.

  • Keep sending offers and discount coupons on the special occasions, especially in the festive season to boost up your sales.

  • Send tailor made emails to the customers whose birthday or anniversary is on the card. That is one of the opportunities to build the relationship with your customer to make them buy from your store.

  • Do not hesitate to provide the option to unsubscribe from your mailing list. That shows that you are not just spamming their inbox, they have the option to opt out anytime if they don’t like your content.

These are the bare minimum strategies to use the email marketing campaign effectively.

Tips to Enhance Your Campaign

There are some additional points that can enhance your email marketing campaign. You should take regular feedback from your customers. Ask them about your products and their experiences with your services. Listen to their grievances and provide a suitable solution. That can win their trust and provide you good returns in long run.

You may take help from some useful email marketing tools available in the market. These tools do not only help you by providing the email templates, the database to store emails and other common features of sending email but, also used to track customer’s actions once they received your email. They provide information such as when the customer opens your email, whether they click the link given in your email etc. These reports are useful to update your strategy.

Another important thing is that, make sure your emails are mobile-friendly. These days, people mostly see their emails on mobile phones, so it is essential to send them the emails which can be easily viewed on different mobile phones.

The email marketing tools have the feature to preview your emails on different devices before sending them.

Finally, it is important to plan carefully before jumping to email marketing campaign. There is a thin line between a good business email and a spam email. So, make your content, template and other information useful and interesting that your customers feel engaged with your emails. That will not only build good relationships but also boost your sales.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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Updated on: 23-Jan-2020


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