Top Reasons to Learn C++

Here we will see some good reasons behind taking the language C++ as our favorite programming language. We know that C++ is one of the most popular object oriented programming language. These are the reasons behind taking the C++ into consideration.

  • C++ Popularity and High salary −

    C++ is one of the most popular language in the world. It is used nearly 4.4 million developers worldwide. The C++ developers hold highest paying jobs in the industry with an average base pay of $100000 per year.

  • C++ has abundant library supportv −

    C++ has Standard Template Library (STL). This helps to write code compactly and quickly as required. It has four parts. Algorithms, Containers, Functions and Iterators

    In the algorithms, there are different types like searching, sorting, permutation etc, the containers are classes to store different data. These are actually stacks, vectors, map etc.

  • C++ has Large community −

    C++ has large online community. There are different online resources related to C++. That can be used to learn, discuss and knowledge gaining about C++.

  • C++ in Database −

    C++ can be used in modern day databases like MySQL, MongoDB, MemSQL etc. These are written in C++. This is because C++ is quite modern and it supports different features like lambda expressions etc.

  • C++ in Compilers −

    C++ is closer to the hardware level and is a comparatively low-level language. In many compilers it is used as a backend programming language. An example is GCC (GNU Compiler Collection)

  • C++ in Embedded systems −

    C++ is closer to the hardware level, and so it is quite useful in embedded systems as the software and hardware in these are closely coupled. Many systems use C++ like smart watches, GPS tracker etc.

  • C++ is portable −

    Programs that are developed in C++, can be moved easily from one platform to another. This is one of the main reason that applications requiring multi-platform or multi-device development often use C++.