Top 7 Reasons to Love JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language for creating websites, online apps, video games, and many other things. You can add dynamic website features that you couldn't achieve with only HTML and CSS.

JavaScript is a programming language widely used by browsers to create dynamic online content. You may witness the results of JavaScript whenever you see a dropdown menu that you can click to reveal, more content being added to a website, or dynamically changing element colors on a page, to mention a few features.

Top 7 Reasons to Love JavaScript

For the Most Part, it is Effective

With any other programming language, there is typically the best application. I would thus recommend Python for a Machine Learning project. C or C++ are common choices when thinking about a system programming language. The best language for the project will depend entirely on its subject. But Javascript serves the majority of its needs.

The flexibility of JavaScript is yet another fantastic feature. It may be utilized for Frontend, backend, and even mobile development. I developed a full-stack application using solely JavaScript, and we valued the ability to construct both the front and back end in the same language. For Backend Projects, we use NodeJS, and for Frontend, we use React, Vue, or Angular. Talking about mobile applications, we use React Native; for building Desktop Applications, we can use Electron.js; for Machine Learning, we can use TensorFlow.js.

You may utilize one of the many libraries available for nearly anything. Though I doubt I could get very far with JS for system programming, I doubt everyday development would work with system programming anyhow.

JavaScript is the Center of the Internet

The web's primary language is JavaScript. JavaScript is the language to learn if you're hoping to start a career in web development. In some capacity, JavaScript is used by the great majority of websites. The secret to creating web apps is JavaScript. Great user interfaces and online apps may be made using JavaScript in conjunction with HTML and CSS. JavaScript is thought to be used by 93% of all websites, and once you master it, you start to be curious about how websites use it.

Many Desktop programs used to be produced by developers in the past. Everything has changed now. Supposedly if one considers any idea, one should take into account how it will appear online. Javascript is a component of any online application. Therefore, the more one can use this language to their advantage, the more proficient they must be in it. One could find that they can quickly implement their ideas using simply Javascript and make it available to everyone. Learn more about how to link the code to a web application, which requires time and effort compared to other languages.

Continually Changing

JavaScript is always changing. New features and changes to the language are constantly being made. It keeps the language interesting and new, and there's always something new to learn. Additionally, the language keeps becoming better.

Enormous Possibilities

One can make anything that one thinks of with JavaScript. If you can imagine it, JavaScript can probably create it. Because of the language's enormous versatility and the abundance of libraries and frameworks available, anyone can create just about anything you can think of.

Simple to Master

The simplicity of learning JavaScript is one of its finest features. JavaScript is a wonderful language to start with if you're new to programming. Many resources are available to assist you in getting started, and it has a pretty easy syntax.

I just programmed while relying on my previous understanding of all other programming languages. Before understanding JavaScript, I felt comfortable using it for anything I wanted. I dug further to have clearer code and learn additional things I could utilize. Even yet, coding with it is still straightforward, readable, and adaptable.

JavaScript is required for the Development of Browser Extensions

There is no other method for a Chrome Extension Developer to create an extension for Chrome, Firefox, or any of the other most widely used browsers without JavaScript. The majority of the work is done on the client side due to extensions development emphasis. There is no other method to do what extensions give innumerable options. So, if one wants to work in this profession, one must excel at JavaScript.

Building Big Websites on the Client Side

The majority of extensions depend on utilizing JavaScript to move all the algorithms and code to the client side. Any functionality done on the client rather than the server must be on the client side. Because of this, the website will load more quickly, and the server will have to do less work, significantly reducing the cost.


Ultimately, what you accomplish matters more than the language you use. Even if JavaScript isn't flawless, I still love it and am appreciative of what it can do. It is adaptable, simple to learn, and offers countless opportunities. I believe it's vital to recognize how much JavaScript has given to the development community and the web in general, even if many developers dislike the language.