Top 10 Reasons to Get a PRINCE2® Certification

A career in project management is not complete without proper certification. In addition to getting trained into a seasoned project management professional, certification increases salary. PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that is widely used and adopted across the globe in various industries. In this article, let us have a look at the top 10 reasons to get a PRINCE2 certification.

What Is PRINCE2® Certification?

Projects In Controlled Environment (PRINCE2) is a well-established certification program in the area of project management. It has three types of certifications namely PRINCE2® Foundation, PRINCE2® Practitioner, and PRINCE2® AgileTM.

PRINCE2® Foundation helps a person understand the basic structure and methodology of PRINCE2 so that it can be implemented in a controlled environment.

PRINCE2® Practitioner helps professionals enhance their proficiency in project management methodology and to implement the concepts in an actual project.

PRINCE2® AgileTM helps certified professionals with the application of agile methodology.

Top 10 Reasons to Get A PRINCE2® Certification

These certifications are one of the most honored across the globe and help project management professionals enhance their profile and accelerate their career growth. Now let us look at the top ten reasons why project management professionals must choose PRINCE2 certification.

Global Recognition and Standards

Getting a PRINCE2 certification opens up a wide range of possibilities globally. A lot of countries prefer PRINCE2 over PMP certifications. More than 220 countries practice PRINCE2 certification. Being created by the government of the UK, it is popular in countries like Australia, Europe, the Netherlands etc.

Easy to get Started

PRINCE2 Foundation certification is beginner friendly and easy to start with. One of the major problems while preparing for any certification is the amount of time that needs to be committed. Also, the cost of training or preparation is high. All these factors lead to failure to complete the certification. PRINCE2 Foundation is easy on the time and cost and in turn, helps complete a professional certification. In addition, it provides a platform to further extend the level of complexity of certification. So professionals can start easily and progress into significant detail in a smooth manner.

PRINCE2 Certified Professionals Earn a Lot

Project managers with a PRINCE2 certification are in high demand in a lot of countries. Lots of organizations make it necessary for their project managers to complete a certification in the area of project management. Also due to the benefits offered by the PRINCE2 methodology, the certified managers are seen as highly competent. So they get paid a lot.

Certificates are Provided Sooner than Other Exams

The whole process of PRINCE2 certification is simple and less time-consuming. First, the applicant has to go through the training process. Once training is done, the exam should be taken with the training provider or as a common public exam. The registration process is also very simple. The application needs not to go through any strict audit process like other exams.

Wide Range of Employment Opportunities

PRINCE2 certification is often seen as a prerequisite for the role of Project Managers in most private and public sector companies. Also with PRINCE2 certification, it is easy to land prestigious job roles such as Program Manager, Project Administrator, Project Analyst, Project Coordinator etc. Some of the top companies are also looking to hire PRINCE2-certified professionals.

PRINCE2 Project Management Methodologies are Applicable for Various Industries

PRINCE2 is very flexible and helps in drafting tailored solutions based on the team size, project type, and industry. Hence completing a PRINCE2 certification leaves the professional with a broad area to choose from and decide to start a career in. Many public sector projects prefer PRINCE2-certified professionals compared to others. There is a large demand for such professionals in the IT, Construction, and Banking sector.

Chance to Work on Large Projects

When it comes to large projects, organizations usually prefer a structured project management methodology. In order to implement it they need professionals who are certified and trained. Hence having a PRINCE2 certification gives the project managers a chance to work on large projects and hence enhance their portfolio.

PRINCE2 is a Methodology than a Guide

PRINCE2 focuses on the underlying principles of project management rather than focusing on mentioning a set of rules. So as a practitioner and certified professional of PRINCE2, you can work confidently in any critical project environment. Adapting to new problems won’t be an issue. Also, your problem-solving skill will be greatly enhanced with the help of high technical expertise in the field of project management.

This is a great plus point during the preparation as well. Because it is not necessary for the practitioners to remember how to micromanage every upcoming task. Rather, the principles and processes of project management will be deeply embedded enough to help you make the right decision on your own.

No Prerequisites are Arbitrary

Most of the people who apply for PRINCE2 certification are professionals with the following job roles: team members, team managers, project managers, consultants, and program managers. However, it is not mandatory to have any sort of experience in the field of project management to get the certification. This is a major reason that motivates a lot of freshers who are fond of improving their project management skills at the beginning of their careers to enter the PRINCE2 program.

PRINCE2 Certification has Online Proof for Anyone to See

PRINCE2 certification details are provided in an online register. So professionals who are applying for a job need not worry about scanning or taking hard copies of their PRINCE2 certificates. Anybody can check the validity and authenticity of the certification online. This makes it more reliable and trusted across the globe.


Now coming to the end, is it worth all the efforts to get a PRINCE2 certification? We believe that we have adequately answered the most commonly asked question. Yes. Getting a PRINCE2 certification is highly recommended for professionals in the project management field irrespective of their experience. PRINCE2 is for all and for every industry. So by getting a PRINCE2 certification, the professionals are not just making themselves competent enough to meet industry standards, but are also getting heavy benefits in terms of career progression, salary rise, and global recognition.

Updated on: 19-Jan-2023


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