Top Reasons to Learn JavaScript

Learning a new programming language is an additional advantage to a developer. Before learning JavaScript, developers should get a basic idea of HTML and CSS.

You will be wondering why it is essential to learn JavaScript. Other programming languages are also available in Information Technology. Of course, all programming languages are necessary for a developer. But JavaScript is the foundation for all. Knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript make you an adaptable developer.


Both front-end developers and back-end developers use JavaScript. Among 1.8 billion websites in the world, 95% of the websites use JavaScript.


JavaScript is easy for those with a basic coding idea. The syntax is simple, and the keywords are similar to English words. You do not need to do any settings to run Javascript. Debugging is easy as the browser and code editors do support it.

A fresher programmer can divide the complex codes of Javascript into small units and understand what it does.

Speed and Efficiency

As Javascript is fast and cost-effective, PayPal and Netflix implemented Node Js.

Open Source

Javascript is open source with no restrictions legally.

Works in Browser

Javascript developed most of the browsers. So it is available in the browser by default.

Earn by Tracking Bugs

Javascript developers or testers can earn by tracking bugs in the websites. Several such job providers are available online.

Works Outside the Browser

Javascript works with desktop, iOS, and Android apps. Javascript supports smart televisions, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Straight forward

Javascript coding does not need prior coding experience. A new developer can start coding in Javascript with the idea of coding.

Dual Support

Javascript supports both front-end and back-end technologies. For example, Angular, and React for the front end and Node.js for the back end.


Javascript allows you to work in UI, server, and outside the internet. Angular develops front-end technologies. React develops desktop apps. Node js supports servers. Javascript can also develop offline technologies.

Programmers can code in different ways in Javascript.

Big Community Support

Javascript developers need not worry when having a doubt. Stack overflow, GitHub, Discord, etc., are there to provide the necessary assistance.

Career Opportunities

Javascript developers have high demand in this digitally growing world. Starting from freelancing to full-time, Javascript developers have high demand. Startups and MNCs offer great opportunities for Javascript developers.

UI developers, server developers, and full-stack developers get equal job opportunities if they know Javascript.

Apt for Beginners

Javascript’s simplicity makes it easy for beginners to start learning. Online support is also available for queries. Various debugging tools are available for Javascript. These tools help rookie programmers to trace the errors and proceed with the coding.

Tremendous Features

Javascript has many features of its own and features from OOPS and Java. ECMA also adds new features every year. All the features enhance working with Javascript.

Influences Big Data and Cloud

Javascript Object Notation (JSON) has wide use in Cloud and Big Data technology. Javascript can build Javascript applications in the cloud. Data science uses Javascript for web design and development, databases, diagram creation, etc.

Game Tools Have High Demand

Due to their visual treat, Javascript gaming tools have high demand, and gaming is a fast-growing business. Javascript is a good option for web and mobile games. Babylon is a popular Javascript game Engine.

Three Js, Kiwi Js, GDevelop, Melon Js, PlayCanvas WebGL Game Engine, Phaser, Pixi Js, melon Js, Impact Js, A-Frame, Physics Js, Lime Js, Crafty Js, Akihabara, Planck Js, Stage Js, Cocos 2d, Panda Engine, and more game engines are available in Javascript.

Skills Are Sharable

Javascript is a base programming language. So the skills learning are reusable in other programming languages. A skilled Javascript developer can work well in any programming language.


Javascript shortcuts will amaze you after learning the basics. Javascript has many frameworks and libraries to do tasks fast. The ternary operator, logical OR operator, for loop shortcut, object property shortcut, arrow function shortcut, implicit return shortcut, spread operator shortcut, 'array find’ shortcut, and much more are available.

Angular Js, Backbone Js DurandalJs, Knokout Js, Jquery, D3 Js, Node Js, etc., are some Javascript framework examples.

Yearly Improvements

Javascript adds new features every year. The Javascript standard ECMA released the ES12 version recently.

Tons of Resources

Javascript has a vast range of resources for learning. Articles, blogs, video tutorials, code communities, boot camps, books, etc.

The core Technology of www

Javascript, HTML, and CSS are the core of www. A developer should have at least the basic knowledge of these three, no matter which platform you code.

Dominates the Competitors

Javascript is a language that stands above all other competitors in Information Technology. Javascript is dominant because developers prefer it the most.

Attractive Salary

Javascript developers get an attractive salary from the start. A Javascript developer makes an average salary of Rs.250 per hour in India. An intermediate and experienced Javascript developer earns Rs.13 lakhs per year and Rs.23 lakhs per year.

Visuals Look Good

Javascript interactive elements on the webpage give a good look. Animations, popups, smooth transitions, etc., make a Javascript website attractive.

Big Companies Use JavaScript

Top companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Youtube, Apple, Coca-Cola, Skype, VS Code, Tesla, Instagram, LinkedIn, Walmart, and Netflix use Javascript. So learning Javascript can bring a great future.

Uber, Quora, Facebook, and Google use Javascript in the front end. Uber, Paypal, Linkedin, and Walmart use Javascript in the server. Skype, Uber, Instagram, and Facebook use Javascript for mobile apps. Whatsapp and Microsoft VS Code use Javascript in their desktop Apps.


This tutorial gave us a brief on the requirements for learning Javascript. As you can read, everything is a crucial need for a programmer.

Popularity, flexibility, versatility, website appearance, salary package, leadership, resource collection, advancements, transferrable skills, gaming tools, career offers, beginner support, community support, and dominating nature make a developer learn Javascript.

Updated on: 16-Jan-2023


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