Software Testing - A journey from Beginner to Intermediate with ALM/QC basic hands on Tour

Understand the world of Software Testing -Intermediate level concepts, basic career peek ,automation, Microfocus-QC/ALM

  Rajeev Raghu Raman Arunachalam

   Software Testing, Software Quality, Quality Management

  Language - English

   Published on 12/2021

  • Instructor + Course Introduction
  • Day 1: Software Testing
  • Day 2: Software Testing
  • Day 3: Software Testing
  • Day 4: Software Testing


Software Testing - A journey from beginner to intermediate. It covers all the essential concepts of Software Testing : Manual and Automation concepts along with Basic Hands on Feel with Micro focus Quality Center/Application Lifecycle Management tool. The student will also get a basic peek in the Software Testing Career. This course will benefit fresh graduates, career shifters and anyone curious to get into the Software Testing World. This course will also give you a course completion certificate at the end. All the difficult concepts are explained in a simple way without affecting the technicalities.

This course is brief and can also serve as a ready reckoner for quick learning at the same time it does not loose the effectiveness. My early experience in Software Testing is also leveraged in this course. Many of the buzzwords usually heard and felt in the Software Testing industry is also continued here.

The course covers from the very basic and gradually increases its complexity to cover some of the more advanced concepts in a simple way.

A right blend of practicality and theory is covered here. This ensures that the student also is readily prepared for the job/industry market in the Software Testing World or any related field.

The Course Pre requisites are also minimal, just a basic level of education along with a strong willingness to learn should suffice.

Thanks Rajeev

What Will I Get ?

  • The learner will get moderate to deep level knowledge on Software Testing Concepts

  • The learner will gain knowledge on Manual and Automation Testing Concepts

  • The learner will get some hands-on introductory knowledge on SDLC Software Testing Tool Microfocus Quality Center(QC) or Application LifeCycle Management(ALM)

  • The learner will get good insights into the Software Testing World including basic career track


  • The Course Pre requisites are minimal, just a basic level of education along with a strong willingness to learn should suffice.
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