Sensors to Nanosensors – A Much Needed Journey

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Not long before we were talking about sensors. The invention of sensors helps us to solve many mysteries of medical science, manufacturing industries, the world of automotive, and also some other areas too. It was a great discovery of the mankind which helps doctors and scientists around the world to study more about the deadly diseases to develop effective counter solutions.

The use of sensors is not only limited to the field of medical research. There are many such examples where sensors are being used to solve some of our huge problems. Let’s see some of the areas where the sensors are used to provide solutions to our problems.

Sensors – Solving Our Worries

The success so far in the making of the driverless cars couldn’t be possible without the help of sensors. It is the sensors which guide the machine to run on the road. There are various types of sensors fitted into the autonomous car for a smooth driving. The image sensor which reads the road signals and tells the machine to drive as per the instructions.

The sensors sense the obstacles on the way to inform the driverless car to drive accordingly. Without the invention of these sensors, the dream of the autonomous car may not be possible.

In some cities, the traffic sensors are playing the important role to decongest the vehicular traffic. The sensors used in traffic cameras sense the presence of the vehicles in the traffic signals and operate the traffic lights accordingly. These smart sensors are the answers to our modern day’s traffic woes.

The sensors are not only used for medical research and automotive world but also help to save our environment. There are sensors which let you know the exact level of pollution in the air. Thus helps us to identify the source of pollution and then work on that to curb the menace for a visibly cleaner air.

There are smart sensors used in the reading meter to check your energy consumption. Yes, these sensors can provide you the accurate data on your energy consumption. Thus, allowed you to take precautionary measures before it shoots up beyond your affordable limit.

We used to hear the news about the mishaps happening due to gas leakage. The toxic gasses when leaks from its containers into the air, it has the deadly effect on all the living creatures. But, there are sensors which can warn us in the case of gas leakage to take the necessary measure on time. The infrared sensors can detect the leakage and set the alarm which cannot be seen in normal eyes.

And, there are smart sensors which opens the doors by sensing the person approaching it. You may have seen the automatic doors in shopping malls and other places which open and closes automatically. The sensors sense when someone approaches the door, and open it without any manual interventions. It couldn’t be possible without the sensors.

There are many such examples to add to the list. The sensors are used in everywhere, to safeguards our health, resolving our problems as well as providing us a better environment to live.

While sensors are already solving our problems then what is the need of Nanosensors? Where and how Nanosensors can help us? These questions are obvious, but as we know that no technology is absolute, there is always a scope for further improvements. The improvements are for the betterment of the society and the creatures living in it including us- the humans.

What is The Need of Nanosensors?

Well, undoubtedly sensors are helping us to solve many of our woes from detecting diseases to saving the environment. But, still, we were missing something. The sensors have their limitations; they can be used perfectly in many cases except where we need minute data for our analysis. That is when the Nanosensors come into the picture.

For example, normal sensors can be used to diagnose the diseases to a certain limit. It cannot provide us the cell level information. Whereas, the Nanosensors can provide us the useful information on nanoparticles of the macroscopic world, which is more useful to find out the actual root cause of the problem.

What are Nanosensors?

Nanosensors are the sensors used in chemical, surgical and biological fields to gather the data of nanoparticles which cannot be achieved by normal sensors. The Nanosensors are works just like the functions of the normal sensors, but the distinguishing difference is that Nanosensors can detect the minute particle whereas normal sensors can’t do that.

For example, it helps to detect harmful toxic elements in the air to control the environment which wouldn’t be possible with normal sensors. It helps in monitoring the pollution level in the city air. The Nanosensors are used in computer chips, nanorobots and other nano products where we need to detect the tiny particles to solve our problems.

Nanosensors Application Areas

Nanosensors are helping the mankind in some specific areas like medical, defense, chemical, and machine industries. let’s discuss some of the areas where these nanosensors are used to safeguard our interests.

  • The air which we inhale to live in this beautiful world may not be that much clean and we may end up getting many new diseases due to the airborne chemicals. That is where the Nanosensors are going to help us. The Nanosensors can detect the airborne chemicals and provide us correct information which can be used to take the precautionary measures.
  • The viruses which cannot be caught with normal sensors, the Nanosensors can easily detect them. There are bands which can be used as normal wristband which provide us the information when we come across any objects that are contaminated with virus and bacteria. Thus saving us from falling the victims of those deadly tiny beasts.
  • We have thermometers, sensors to measure the temperatures, but the Nanosensors are one step ahead. The Nanosensors have the ability to measure the temperature of living cells. Thus it helps the doctors and scientists to take more accurate decisions while treating a patient or doing a research.

Advantages of Nanosensors

We know, how the sensors are helping us to ease off many serious issues. But the arrival of Nanosensors multiplies the purpose of sensors in various fields because of its great support.

The biggest advantages of Nanosensors are that they are providing us more accurate data than the normal sensors. The more accuracy in data collections helps to find more appropriate solutions. Apart from that, the Nanosensors are also faster in response and less impacting on the subject being measured.

Finally, the scientists and researchers are always working on inventing new technologies for the betterment of mankind. So far, the journey from sensors to Nanosensors proves to be beneficial in solving many of our worries. We never know what is next, maybe some new technology which can provide us more benefit than the Nanosensors.

Published on 23-Jan-2020 10:10:34