Nanosensors – Our Plants and Animals Knows it Long Before

Do you know that the invention of Nanotechnology for which we are patting our back actually exists in our world from the beginning? Yes, some of our plants and animals have that special capability of Nanosensors inbuilt in their body to carry out some special functions? The awesome technology which we discovered recently is not new for them. They have been using the Nanosensors since their creation in this world. They have that special ability to detect the minute particle for which we are taking help of Nanosensors.

You may be aware that, Nanosensors are one of the great inventions of the 21st century. Earlier we have sensors which are great in detecting objects and helping us in various fields such as medical science, manufacturing industries, automotive industries and much more. But still, we were not able to detect nanoparticles that encourage our great scientists to go into deeper and invent the Nanosensors.

We must feel proud of this great invention, which is helping us to collect the information from nanoparticles of the microscopic world. The Nanosensors are new to us but, some of the plants and animals are using it from their inceptions.

Let us discuss how the plants and animals are taking help of this amazing sensor in their regular functions.

Dogs Have Nanosensors!

Yes, you read it correctly; the dogs have that special ability to sense the nano-sized molecules, which we cannot. We must agree that sense of smell in the case of dogs is way better than us – the humans. They can even smell something which is completely diluted in the air or mixed with other smells. Yes, due to their Nanosensors capabilities, they can smell the nanoparticles presence in the air.

That is the reason, why we take help of dogs in many cases from detecting bombs to sniffing narcotics products. They are helping our police in searching and locating thieves and criminals. They never forget the smell of their masters; even they can identify the smells from a longer distance. That is the unique capabilities they have which make them special.

Nanosensors in Fish

We may wonder how fishes know about the danger coming to them much before it approaches. They can sense the threat with their special capabilities. There are various fishes that have the Nanosensors capabilities. They use that capability to detect the minuscule vibration in the water, which helps them to keep vigilant and safe themselves from any danger. Fishes like Shark, Dolphin, and Whales uses the Nanosensors to detect the vibrations under water.

Apart from that, there are various plants which use Nanosensors to detect sunlight. Even there are some insects which have these special capabilities to detect sex pheromones using Nanosensors.

So, as we discussed that the Nanosensors are being used by some of our plants and animals long before to perform various functionalities, but still it is a much-needed discovery for the mankind. By discovering this amazing technology we are not only helping ourselves in medical science, automotive technology, and other essential fields, but also Nanosensors are being used to track and protect the animals too.

Let us discuss some of the examples in the case of both humans and animals where Nanosensors are being used for the betterment of their lives.

Nanosensors are being used to track the farm animals. Thus solving a great worry of farmers as it is very common that farm animals such as cow, pig, sheep etc can run away somewhere while grazing out. The Nanosensors are fitted to the farm animals and being tracked by a centralized computer system.

The Nanosensors networks used to track the health of crops and plants. The researcher collects the accurate data about the health of the plants and crops and advises necessary actions accordingly.

In the case of humans, the Nanosensors are being used to detect the stage of tumors and cancers. The data accuracy and observations up to cell level make the Nanosensors more reliable. Thus the doctors and researchers used this technology to detect the diseases.

The Nanosensors are not only used for medical research and automotive world but also help to save our environment. There are Nanosensors which let you know the exact level of pollution in the air. Thus helps us to identify the source of pollution and then work on that to curb the menace for a visibly cleaner air.

The Nanosensors have the ability to measure the temperature of living cells. Thus it helps the doctors and scientists to take more accurate decisions while treating a patient or doing the research on specific subjects.

There are smoke and gas detectors where Nanosensors technology being used to detect the dangerous chemicals and other minute toxic particles which cannot be possible with normal sensors. Thus, by using Nanosensors we can save our environment as well as ourselves from upcoming danger.

Nanosensors are being used in the case of DNA test. Yes, due to its ability to read the cell level information and data accuracy, it is being used in DNA test to finding out the similar properties between the two cells. Thus, it is helping the doctors and scientist to unfold the unsolved mysteries. Also, Nanosensors are helping us to collect exact and accurate information from cell levels which help our doctors and scientists to treat the dangerous diseases like cancers and tumors.

The Costly Technology

Though Nanosensors are one of the greatest discoveries of current generations, it cannot be used everywhere because of the high production cost. The production cost ranges from $0.6 billion to $2.7 billion. That is the reason despite its usefulness, it cannot be used everywhere.

But, we are also aware that every technology keeps on evolving as the time passes. We never know maybe someday our great scientists will discover the cost effective ways to create products having Nanosensors. That can be used in various fields from biological, industrial, environment to consumer services for the betterment of our society.

The Nanosensors technology is new to us and also economically not affordable for various industries. That is the reason for the time being the use of Nanosensors is limited to certain areas. Currently, Nanosensors are widely used as Chemical Nanosensors and Mechanical Nanosensors. The Carbon nanotube based Nanosensors are the Chemical Nanosensors which are used to monitor electrical changes in the sensor materials.

Finally, Nanosensors are one step ahead of the amazing sensor technology to provide us more trustworthy and reliable information of the lowest level of particles – nanoparticles. This cannot be detected by the normal sensors. Though some of the plants and animals are using this technology from their inception, but the discovery of this amazing technology is indeed a great contribution to the betterment of our society.

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