SAP UI5 - Controls

There are different types of UI controls that you can use while developing UI5 applications. These controls allow you to add a button, table, images, layout, combo box, and various other controls in UI5 application.

Common control types include −

  • Simple Controls
  • Complex Controls
  • UX3 Controls
  • Dialogs
  • Layout

Image Control

Var image = new sap.ui.commons.Image();

Combo Box

You can use a combo box to provide predefined entries.

Properties − items, selectedKey

Var oComboBox2 = new sap.ui.commons.ComboBox (“ComboBox”,{
      Template:oItemTemplate, filters:[oFilter]},
   Change: function(oEvent){
      Sap.ui.getCore(). byId(“field”).setValue(

Simple Button Control

Use attachPresss assign event handler for a push action.

Var oButton = new sap.ui.commons.Button ({text : “Click”,
   Press: oController.update

Autocomplete Control

To autocomplete the entered value.

Var uiElement = new sap.ui.commons.AutoComplete({
   Tooltip: ”Enter the product”,
   maxPopupItems: 4
For (var i = 0; i<aData.lenght; i++){
   uiElement.addItem(new sap.ui.core.ListItem(
      {text: aData[i].name}));

Table Control Box

It is derived from sap.ui.table and each table contains columns.

Var oTable = new sap.ui.table.Table({
   Columns: [
      New sap.ui.table.Column({
         Label: new sap.ui.commons.lable({ text: “First Column”}),
         Template: new sap.ui.commons.TextView({ text: “{Firstcolumn}” }),
         Width: “120px”