SAP UI5 - Control Libraries

There are various JavaScript and CSS libraries that you can use in combination for the application development. SAPUI5 can use these libraries in combination and they are called SAPUI5 control libraries.

Common SAPUI5 control libraries −

  • Sap.ui.commons for control fields, buttons, etc.
  • Sap.m is the most common control library and is used for mobile devices
  • Sap.ui.table includes table control
  • Sap.ui.ux3
Standard Controls Control Library

Note − SAPUI5 control library sap.m is the most common library and is used for application development. These libraries can be combined with other control libraries.

Control Library Combinations

  • You can use the control library sap.m with other control libraries - sap.ui.unified, sap.viz, sap.ui.table, sap.ui.layout, and sap.suite.

  • You can combine control libraries - sap.ui.commons, sap.ui.table, sap.ui.ux3 and sap.ui.suite with each other.

  • You can also combine control library sap.ui.commons and sap.ui.ux3 with other libraries like sap.ui.core, sap.ui.unified, sap.ui.layout, and sap.ui.table.

  • You can combine sap.viz with all other libraries.


The following table shows the main SAPUI5 control libraries and their description −

sap.m Library with controls specialized for mobile devices.
sap.makit SAPUI5 library contains the markit charts.
sap.ui.commons Common library for standard controls
sap.ui.ux3 SAPUI5 library with controls that implement the SAP User Experience(UX) Guidelines 3.0
sap.viz SAPUI5 library containing chart controls based on the VIZ charting library.