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Questions and Answers

Answer : E


Maintenance plant for a technical object is known as plant in which you perform the maintenance tasks for the objects and planning is done. You can perform the following activities in Maintenance Planning Plant −

  • Defining Task list as per maintenance plan
  • As per BOM in task list, you perform material planning.
  • Management and scheduling of maintenance plans
  • Maintenance Orders creation and execution

Answer : D


In Breakdown maintenance, you create a M2 malfunction notification and PM02 order type and equipment is repaired at the site.

Q 3 - In certain scenarios, a Corrective work order is created as a result of Preventive work order when a routine checkup is performed?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A

Q 4 - Which of the following maintenance is suitable to plan annual maintenance of a car or service of a Printer after 1 million copies?

A - Single Cycle Plan

B - Strategy Plan

C - Multiple Counter plan

D - Maintenance plan for service procurement

Answer : A


Single cycle maintenance plan is used to define exactly one time-based or performance-based maintenance cycle, in which you specify the interval at which the maintenance plan should be executed.

It is one of the simplest maintenance plan used for Maintenance planning.


A single cycle maintenance plan- annual maintenance of a car or service of a Printer after 1 million copies.

Q 5 - Which of the following authorization profile in Work Clearance object is used to manage all authorizations for checks and simulations?





Answer : B

Q 6 - Arrange the below steps in correct sequence as part of Refurbishment process?

  • Uninstall the damaged Equipment from the Maintenance Plant.

  • Movement type 101, to move the material to Warehouse.

  • Creation of Refurbishment order to collect cost for the refurbishment activity.

  • When Refurbishment process is executed, state of material is changed from damaged to Refurbished.

  • Reinstallation of equipment in the Maintenance plant.

A - 1,2,4,3,5

B - 1,3,2,4,5

C - 1,4,3,2,5

D - 1,2,3,4,5

Answer : D

Q 7 - Which of the following location is used to define maintenance task lists and material planning is carried out?

A - Maintenance Plant

B - Maintenance Planning Plant

C - Warehouse

D -All of the above

Answer : B

Q 8 - Which of the following functions can be performed on mobile devices w.r.t Enterprise Asset Management?

A - Order Processing

B - Notification Processing

C - Enter Measurement Readings

D - Stock Processing

E - A & B

F - A,B & C

G - All of the above

Answer : G


You can perform following functions on mobile devices w.r.t Enterprise Asset Management −

  • Order Processing
  • Notification Processing
  • Enter Measurement Readings
  • Stock Processing
  • Management of Technical Objects

Q 9 - A Maintenance Plan must contain atleast on of Maintenance Items?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A

Q 10 - Which of the following are the technical objects?

A - None

B - Equipment & Functional location

C - Material


Answer : B