SAP PM - Warranty Claim Processing

Warranty claim processing function in Plant Maintenance is used to handle large number of claims automatically. This module is developed to meet the needs of vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers for all type of products. Warranty claim processing is a complex process because of the length of the service, the age of the product or to perform different checks in claim processing.

Warranty claim processing component is closely integrated with Material Management, Sales and distribution, Customer Service, and other processes of Plant Maintenance.

Customizing for Warranty Processing, use T-Code − OWTY


You can perform various customizing operations in SAP system for Warranty Claim Processing.

Warranty Claim Processing

Other Transaction Codes

Warranty Object
IE01, IE02, IE03 Create, change, and display equipment
IL01, IL02, IL03 Create, change, and display functional location
IB51, IB52, IB53 Create, change, and display installed base
IQ01, IQ02, IQ03 Create, change, and display serial number

Warranty Conditions
CT04 Create, change, and display warranty counter/characteristics
BGM1, BGM2, BGM3 Create, change, and display master warranty
IK01, IK02, IK03 Create, change, and display measuring point
IK11, IK12, IK13 Create, change, and display measurement document

Warranty Claim Processing
WTY Create, change, and display warranty claim
WTYOQ Process worklist
WTYSE Find warranty claims
WTYAUT Create, change, and display authorization
WTYRCL Create, change, and display recall
WTYRP Change the status of parts to be returned
WTYCL Create credit memo list
WTY_ARCHIV Display archived warranty claims

To create a Warranty Claim, use T-Code − WTY

You can select from different Warranty Claim Types.

Example Actions

When you click on Claim, you will be prompted to select different values. Select Claim Header, Processing Status, etc. You can select multiple objects to search a claim.

In the Processing status, you can select from different values.

Claim Header

You can also add new fields to perform a search. Click the New Field Selection.

Processing Status

A warranty claim comprises a header and one or more versions of a claim and all these claims belong to different claim types. You create the version in the system manually by copying the existing data or by transferring the data via EDI.

Different warranty checks are possible and they are performed automatically by the system. Following results are possible −

  • 00 shows a valid warranty and positive check result.
  • 03 shows an invalid warranty and negative check result.
  • 01 shows no warranty check possible since the required measuring point is missing in the warranty claim.
  • 02 shows no warranty check possible since the required measurement document is missing in the system.
  • 04 shows the warranty check date is before the warranty start date.
  • 05 shows the warranty check date is after the warranty end date.
  • 06 shows the warranty object contains two measuring points with the same warranty counter.
  • 99 shows the negative check result. However, it shows a positive check result for the check on the superior/higher-level object.