SAP PM - Mobile Applications for EAM


Using mobile application Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), you can perform maintenance processing on any mobile device. Using EAM on mobile devices, field service technicians can access all the work-related information on their mobile devices.

To perform Mobile Asset Management, the following perquisites should be met −

Architecture Required Additional

R/3 4.6B

R/3 4.6C

SAP R/3 Enterprise Core 4.70

R/3 Plug-In 2002.1 for Mobile Asset Management 1.0

Middleware Web Application Server(6.20)
Mobile end device

Operating system of the device must support JVM

Disk Space: 64MB


Mobile Engine 2.1

Mobile Asset Management (Java coding)

You can perform order processing and notification processing using mobile end devices. Various functions w.r.t notifications can be performed on mobile devices −

  • Display a Notification List
  • Display a Notification
  • Create a new Notification
  • Create a Notification with reference from Order, technical object or for a Functional Location.
  • Change a Notification

Functions Performed w.r.t EAM

You can perform the following functions on mobile devices w.r.t Enterprise Asset Management −

  • Order Processing
  • Notification Processing
  • Enter Measurement Readings
  • Stock Processing
  • Management of Technical Objects

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