SAP PM - Work Clearance Management

Work Clearance Management in Plant Maintenance is used to control and monitor the safety measures. It provides safe working conditions for employees in the organization and follows the environmental protection regulations.

In an organization, workplace safety depends on multiple factors −

  • Task category
  • Technical specifications of the system
  • Organization within the maintenance department
  • Employee skills and education

Work Clearance Management Objects

In SAP system, you create WCM objects that is used to perform various functions, such as −

  • Perform and maintain administrative data, responsibilities, location, and planning data.
  • Assign partners with different functions.
  • Long texts assignment.
  • Assign the documents.

WCM Approval

You use approval to define rules that must be followed in Work Clearance Management. Approvals are assigned to WCM objects at the header level.

In SAP system, it is possible to assign several approvals to a WCM object and each approval can only be used once per WCM object. You can also assign an approval to several WCM objects but it is not recommended to use this strategy.

You create various authorization objects and authorization profiles in Work Clearance object. Following are the authorization profiles and description −

S.No Authorization Profile & Description


All authorizations for Work Clearance Management



All authorizations for checks and simulations



All authorizations for function codes



All authorizations for uses



All authorizations for the valuation



All authorizations for Plant Maintenance

Creating Work Approval

Step 1 − To create Work Approval in the system, navigate to Logistics → Plant Maintenance → Work Clearance Management → Work Approval → Create

Create Work Approval

Step 2 − In the Work Approval creation screen, enter the following details and click Continue.

  • Enter the Plant
  • Enter Equipment/Functional Location
Planning Plant

Step 3 − Next, to maintain all the fields in required information, once you enter all the details, click the Save button.

Save Work Approval