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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the Transaction code can be used to create an activity type in Controlling?

A - KX01

B - KL01

C - KM01

D - None of these

Answer : B

Q 2 - Which of the following resource type can be used for Overhead Cost Controlling?

A - Type R

B - Type M

C - Type B

D - Type D

Answer : A

Q 3 - Which of the following can be used to copy actuals to a target planning version?

A - Cost Center

B - Cost Element

C - Actual Version

D - All of the above

Answer : A

Q 4 - Which of the following provides a transaction-based and cross-functional approach for activity output in which several cost centers are involved?

A - Cost Center Accounting

B - Internal Orders

C - Activity Based Costing

D - All of the above

Answer : C

Q 5 - How to perform settlement of IO to Cost Centers?

A - KO02

B - KAH01

C - KX01

D - None of the above

Answer : A

Q 7 - When actual cost on cost center is different from target cost or planning was over/under, it is called?

A - Variance Calculation

B - Cost Center Planning

C - Period End closing

D - Actual Cost Accounting

Answer : A

Q 8 - Which of the following provide you with a profitability report that is permanently reconciled with financial accounting?

A - Costing-based Profitability Analysis

B - Account-based Profitability Analysis

C - Activity-based Profitability Analysis

D - None of these

Answer : B

Q 9 - To execute the reports you have to navigate to Information Systems → Accounting → Controlling → Reports for Cost Center Accounting?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A

Q 10 - Which of the following is a smallest unit of responsibility in an organization?

A - Cost Center

B - Cost Center Element

C - Activity Area

D - Profit Center

E - Work Order

Answer : A


Cost Center represents a smallest unit of responsibility in an organization and contains master data objects: Cost center, activity types and Static key figures.