SAP CCA - Schedule Manager

You can perform different periodic in SAP system on regular basis- weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. One of the common task is period-end closing. These tasks involve the processing of a large number of individual objects and they are supported by the individual components of the Schedule Manager. To perform these tasks, you define the variables in Schedule Manager and this reduces the work that is required to perform these tasks.

You can define the following variables in Schedule Manager −

  • Defining Global Variables for the Task List and Flow Definition
  • Defining Selection Variables
  • Specifying Selection Variables in the Program Variants
  • Specifying Selection Variables for Flow Definitions With Parallel Branches

Scheduler in Scheduler Manager

You can use the Scheduler to execute and monitor complex business processes, such as period-end closing. If you have the corresponding authorization, you can define task lists.

In the structure tree, you can create the business transactions (Task) that, for example, make up period-end closing. You can schedule these tasks in the daily overview, and if required, the system executes them.

Creating a Task List in Scheduler

In SAP Schedule Manager, you can use task list as the basis of the scheduler. In Task list, you can arrange tasks or task groups into a chronological structure.

Step 1 − To open Scheduler Manager, navigate to Accounting → Controlling → Cost Center Accounting → Period End Closing → Scheduler Manager.

Schedule Manager

Step 2 − Go to Task list → Create

Task List

Step 3 − Enter the name for the new task list. Choose Insert.

New Task List

Step 4 − You can see a new screen appears. Enter a description and the display format for the daily and monthly overviews.

To save the values, click the Save button

New Screen

If you want to complete a process in Schedule Manager, you can split the process into parts. These can be added or deleted in the task list.

Step 5 − To insert tasks/ task groups in Task list, click Change Task list.

Change Task List

Step 6 − Next, select the highest node under which you want to create new task/task group.

Right-click to choose Insert task or click the Insert task button.

Insert Tasks

Step 7 − In the next window, you have to enter the task details. You can also select a different description for the task/task group.

Select the task type and the Task Owner.

Task Owner

To save the task / task group, click the save button.

How to Change / Delete task?

Step 1 − Click the Change task list at the top.

Step 2 − To delete a task, right click → Select Change/delete. Save the changes.

Delete Tasks