SAP CCA - Activity Types

Activity type is defined as activity performed in Cost Center within controlling area. For each cost center, you perform the following activities −

Activities performed by the Cost Center

  • Costs are debited to products when they use the activities of the Cost Center.

  • In Cost Center Accounting, to plan and allocate the activities, the system records quantities that are measured in activity units.

  • Each activity in a Cost Center contains activity types and the costs can be allocated to these activity types.

  • When you create the activity types, prices of these can be entered manually or this can be calculated in the system as per the costs allocated.

  • The cost planning, allocation and control can be performed while defining activity or can also be performed at Cost Center.

Setting up Activity Types

To create an activity type, follow the given steps −

Step 1 − Use the T-Code: KL01


Step 2 − In the next window, you have to select Controlling Area.

  • Enter the name Activity Type
  • Validity Date
  • Click Master data
Select Controlling Area

Step 3 − Go to Master data and you can see different tabs in next window. Go to basic tab and enter the following details.

  • Activity Name
  • Description
  • Activity Unit
  • CCtr Categories

Activity type category − You can select from the following options.

Master Data

Step 4 − Enter the details in other fields as shown below.

Create Activity Type

Step 5 − Go to the Output tab to define the output unit.

Output Tab

Step 6 − Once you define all the fields, click the save button at the top.

Activity Type Created

Assign rates for an activity

Step 1 − If you want to assign the Rates for an activity type & Cost Center in the combination, you can use T-Code: KP26


Step 2 − In next screen, you have to enter the following details.

  • Enter version as 0 from period 1 and to period as 12
  • Fiscal Year
  • Enter the cost center,
  • Activity type
Change Activity Type

Step 3 − Next go to the Overview screen at the top to assign hourly rate.

Enter per hour Rate under Fixed price and set value as 2 for distribution key and plan price indicator as 3.

You can use this combination of activity type and Cost Center while creating work centers to be assigned.

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