Reproductive Health MCQs


The procedure of reproduction is associated with the biological process in which offspring is produced from parents' organisms. The reproduction system is known as a key fundamental trait of an individual’s life. In presenting the proper reproductive health of any individual, the changes within the reproductive system of both men and women are important.

What is Reproductive Health?

Each stage of an individual’s life cycle is responsible for maintaining proper reproductive health. Proper functioning of reproductive organs such as the testes and prostate glands in males and uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina are effective in maintaining proper reproductive health. A key indication of a healthy reproductive system may be considered as the absence of any complications during fertility. In both men's and women’s reproductive systems, mental and physical health conditions are impactful. Proper reproductive health is necessary to prevent some hazardous reproductive diseases such as AIDS and HIV. The capability of an individual in reproducing new life is also associated with the maintenance of reproductive health.

Reproductive health in Women

One of the most complex and delicate systems within a woman’s body is known to be the women's reproduction system. In preventing any kind of injury in this system, proper awareness and precautions are to be implemented.

Some key factors that negatively impact proper functioning of women's reproductive health are as follows.


In most women, depression is a common characteristic. Lack of awareness regarding the seriousness of depression is causing severe damage to the overall health of a woman, mainly in a woman’s reproductive system. Finding the reason behind depression and then finding the best solution is necessary to improve the condition of ill reproductive health.


This process is associated with the removal of a woman’s uterus.

Figure 1: Changes in Woman’s Reproductive System with respect to Age


As a consequence of a decline in the production of progesterone and oestrogen in a female body, menopause is seen.

Reproductive health in Men

In relation to a man’s reproductive health, the penis and urethra are two of the most important ones. Some other associated organs are epididymis, scrotum, tests, seminal vesicles, vas deferens.

Figure 2: Sperm Count in Normal and Abnormal Cases

Both the internal and external organs of a male body are associated with a properly working reproductive system. In performing a proper sexual function and also in the process of urination, the organs of a male reproductive system are very much responsible.


Q1. Which of the following is an appropriate expansion of MTP?

a) Which of the following is an appropriate expansion of MTP?

b) Medical Termination of Parturition

c) Medical Termination of Pregnancy

d) Mechanical Transfer of Pollen

Answer: c. Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Q2. Which type of characteristic is not applicable for an ideal contraceptive?

a) Minimum side effect

b) Irreversible

c) Easily accessible and available

d) User-friendly

Answer: a. Minimum side effect

What is the application of amniocentesis?

a) In determining mutation procedure

b) In growing cells within a cultural media

c) In determining any particular disease of an embryo

d) Gaining knowledge about brain diseases

Answer: c. In determining any particular disease of an embryo

Q4. Which one of the following is the most important function of a Copper-T?

a) In stopping fertilization

b) In stopping gastrulating

c) In checking mutation

d) In stopping cleavage

Answer: a. In stopping fertilization

Q5. Which significant ART (Artificial Reproductive Technique) is reliable in case both of a woman’s fallopian tubes are found to be blocked from before?

a) GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer)

b) SUZI (Sub zonal Insemination)

c) IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

d) ZIFT (Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer)

Answer: c. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

Q6. Which one of the below-mentioned parts of any particular female reproductive system remains blocked after tubectomy?

a) Fallopian tube

b) Uterine cavity

c) Cervix

d) None

Answer: a. Fallopian tube

Q7. Which technique is the most significant and applicable one for detecting AIDS?

a) Southern blot and ELISA

b) Western blot and ELISA

c) Northern blot and ELISA

d) Immunoblot and ELISA

Answer: b. Western blot and ELISA

Q8. Which program is important in presenting reproductive health as a social goal at the national level?

a) Reproductive care

b) Family organization

c) Family care

d) Family planning

Answer: d. Family planning

Q9. In which part of the body, zygotes are transferred in an IVF technique?

a) Uterus

b) Fallopian tube

c) Vagina

d) Cervical canal

Answer: b. Fallopian tube

Q10. What is the current name of family planning?

a) Reproductive and child health care

b) Reproductive and child care

c) Reproductive and child health

d) Family and child care

Answer: a. Reproductive and child health care


A collective state of an individual’s health is associated with that person’s social and mental well-being and most importantly physical health. In living a healthy reproduction life, awareness of a safe reproduction system and time, and most importantly the importance of willingness, are very important. The three most important components of a safe reproduction system are family planning, maternal health, and sexual health. The interest in reproductive activities during the time period of adolescence plays an important role as well.


Q1. Which medical issue regarding reproductive health can be cured with the help of an efficient doctor?

Ans. In maintaining proper reproductive health, an individual may maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. Most reproductive issues such as STDs, infertility contraception, abortion, conception, and menstruation problems can be cured by following the constant guidance and support of doctors.

Q2. What is the most renowned contraception method in India?

Ans. In India, many methods of curing infertility and reproductive system-related issues are followed. IUDs are the most considered method by Indians in getting a proper cure for any reproductive health-related issues.

Updated on: 24-Apr-2023


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