What are the differences between the Male Reproductive System and the Female Reproductive System? (At least 5 differences)

The differences between the Male Reproductive System and the Female Reproductive System are as follows:

Basis for Comparison

Male Reproductive SystemFemale Reproductive System

This system functions in producing sperms and transfer it to the female reproductive organ to get fertilized and produce the new one of their kind.

This system functions in producing ovum (eggs) and when fuse with the male gamete (sperms), produces the young ones and nurture it till the full growth before birth.


It is located outside the body and around the pelvis region, to maintain the temperature required by the sperm to stay healthy.

It is located entirely inside the body, with entry and exit points at the vulva, and separate openings for urination and menstruation.


Androgen and Testosterone. Progesterone and Estrogen.

Hormone Production

Continuous production of hormones.

Cyclic production of hormones, which causes menstruation.

Gamete Production Continuously produces gametes. Production of gametes stops with menopause.
Number of Gametes Produces one billion sperms per month. Produce a single ovum per month.

Main Components

Penis, Seminal vesicles, Vas deferens, Prostate, Scrotum (testes) and Cowper's gland. Vulva, Vagina, Clitoris, Urethra, Hymen, Perineum, Cervix, Uterus, Fallopian tubes, Mammary gland.


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Updated on: 24-Mar-2023


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