Recently one of my teachers died. How can I pay him a tribute when he is no more?

Although, we all know that death is inevitable; however, this awareness does not help us in the time when we lose someone very dear to us. As the question suggests, you have recently lost a teacher of yours. It must be an irreparable loss as teachers are fountains of knowledge and their unfathomable expertise is what we all strive to achieve.

  • Hold A Prayer Meeting  − We do meet occasionally for some or the other reason but when the reason is so genuine, I am sure no one would deny meeting each other. You may hold a prayer meeting for the soul to be in peace.

  • Remember His/Her Teachings − Usually, we take our teachers for granted, but such a sad demise, later makes us realize our follies and foibles.

  • Meet His/Her Family − I had a teacher of mine, who did not earn a handsome income. When he died, therefore we all collected some money and gifted a year’s education to our late teacher’s daughter. Such useful deeds will help a lot.

  • Candle March − A candle march should not only be held to conduct the advent of something revolutionary, but it should also even be held in this case.

  • Gift Something To the Family − Sending an appropriate gift like flowers on behalf of the school community may be an appropriate statement of condolence.

  • Write An Elegy − Your teacher must have been a pure soul. Attempt to write a few lines on your teacher and read aloud in the class, thereby remembering him or her.

Loss of a learned soul is irrecoverable but our humble efforts can help a lot in paying tribute to the departed soul.