Postman - Sessions

A session is a temporary fold that stores values of variables. They are used for the present instance and have a local scope. In Postman, we can modify the session variable value to share workspace among teams.

Postman gives the feature of local session share. Even if a Collection can be shared among teams, the sessions are never shared. Different tokens have to be generated while a task is to be carried out in a team structure.

A session has a local scope for a user within his Workspace and any modifications he makes shall not be reflected in the server. In Postman, a session can store Environment variables, global variables and so on.

We can assign current values to Collection variables and to the global and Environment variables. To assign a current value to the Collection, click on the three dots appearing beside the Collection name, then click on Edit.


In the EDIT COLLECTION pop-up, move to the Variables tab.

Variables tab

The CURRENT VALUE is local to the user and never in sync with the server of Postman. We can also replace or modify the INITIAL VALUE with CURRENT VALUE.

Also, it must be remembered that the INITIAL VALUE gets impacted only if we apply the option Persist on a variable. After that, it gets in sync with the server of Postman.

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