Postman - Create Collections

A group of requests that have been saved and organized into folders is known as the Collections. It is similar to a repository. Thus, Collections help to maintain the API tests and also split them easily with teams.

Create a New Collection

Follow the steps given below to create a new collection in Postman −

Step 1 − Click on the New icon from the Postman application. The Create New pop-up comes up. Then click on the Collection link.

New Collection

Step 2 − CREATE A NEW COLLECTION pop-up comes up. Enter a Collection Name and click on the Create button.

New Collection1

Step 3 − The Collection name and the number of requests it contains are displayed in the sidebar under the Collections tab.

New Collection2

Step 4 − To the right of the Collection name, we have the options like Share, Run and so on available. Click on the three dots to get more options to select.

New Collection3

Step 5 − Click on Add Request. The SAVE REQUEST pop−up comes up. Enter Request Name and select the Collection we have created. Then, click on the Save to Collection1 button.

Add Request

Step 6 − The Collection with its request gets displayed to the side bar under the Collections tab.

New Collection4
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